Saturday, November 27, 2010

My Favourite Sweater Story by Laurie Buchanan

Years ago, as a way of promoting a new release, I solicited stories about 'Your Favourite Sweater'. I was delighted by the stories I received, such as...

Laurie writes...
Growing up I often admired a sweater that my mother only wore on special occasions. Hand-knit by my grandmother for my mother's high school graduation, the body was deep red and the yoke was intricately patterned black and white mohair.

Mom kept the sweater folded carefully in tissue that crinkled softly as she removed it from her cedar chest. We were instructed to "Look with your eyes, not with your hands" when she laid it on the bed as she got ready to go out to dinner with dad. While mom was in the shower, my sister and I would gently finger the mohair, and rub our cheeks against its softness.

I longed for the sweater. What do you suppose I received on my 15th birthday? I cried and cried when I opened the tissue and saw the sweater. I knew then that in my mother's eyes I was grown up.