Thursday, November 25, 2010

Book Review: Ethnic Knitting by Donna Druchunas

After reviewing Arctic Lace I couldn't wait to get my hands on Donna Druchunas' latest book. Ethnic Knitting did not disappoint. It serves as both a design primer as well as an exploration of knitting traditions. These diverse topics are skilfully knit together.
In Ethnic Knitting's introduction, Donna clearly states the book's objective: "'With the skills you will learn in the following chapters, you will be able to design and knit beautiful, one-of-a-kind sweaters that fit perfectly."
Chapter 2 serves as a knitting design primer. The lessons include but are not limited to basics about sweater shapes, silhouettes and sizes.
Chapters 3 to 6 serve as an introduction to the knitting traditions of the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway and the Andes. Each of these chapters ends with an invitation. Donna invites you to use what you have learnt in chapter 2 to design and knit projects, which adhere to the knitting traditions of each country, you have visited.
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