Sunday, August 19, 2018

Book Review: We Are All Made of Molecules (YA) by Susin Neilsen

When their newly-single parents fall in love. Stewart (a nerd) and Ashley (the It Girl) are forced to move in together. Stewart seems to be wise beyond his years. Though he has few friends, he chooses them carefully. Ashley stumbles through life with one concern--herself: how she looks and what others think about her. In short, Stewart and Ashley are polar opposites. And yet, in this feel-good story, they learn that underneath it all we are fundamentally the same--we are all molecules. Nielsen's characters are well-developed, her plot well-crafted and the ending satisfying.

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Lazy Bones (short story) Okay, so I know to the outsider we, writers may look like we're having way too much fun. We may even look like we're not working at all. But believe me, that isn't true. And in this short story I allow a peek behind the curtain.

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