Sunday, June 30, 2019

Book Review: That Time I Loved You by Carrianne Leung

Update That Time I Loved You has been optioned for TV

Set in the year 1979, That Time I Loved You:  Life is Never as Perfect as it Seems is a linked stories collection about the Ontario suburb Scarborough. Away from the wildness of downtown Toronto, Scarborough is a "safe" place. Neighbours don't lock their doors. Children play on the street.

But what goes on behind those unlocked doors?

Suicides. Infidelity. Physical and sexual abuse.

Yes, but also... Love. Healing. Acceptance.

Author Carriane Leung grew up in Scarborough and concludes her author acknowledgments with...
'Lastly, while this book refers to suicide, I hope it's also a testament to the resilience we share when faced with the often-difficult work of living.'

I purchased my copy from Amazon

Published by HarperCollins Publishers Ltd.
Published in 2018

won the 22nd annual Daunta Gleed Literary Award 

Eleven years old Chinese-Canadian June Lee is the main character. She welcomes us to Scarborough and informs us that other things may be happening in other places around the world but for her, the most important thing is what is happening in her neighbourhood. Over a span of two years, we watch June change as her neighbourhood does. She seems to be always there waiting for us to catch up to her. She is the glue that holds this collection together. And at the end of the last story, June bids farewell to Scarborough...
'Everything that matters to me...was here...I had assumed I would always want to live here, but now I knew that was childish...There were other places in the world, and I knew I would go.' (p. 211)


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