Monday, October 31, 2011

My Ritual

 The negative emotions written on the pieces of paper are 'low self-esteem' and 'jealousy'.

As the paper burnt I chanted and reflected on positive transformation.
Jealousy will be transformed into...
Appreciation of the gifts I have. I will share them with the understanding that when I do there will be more for all.
Low self-esteem will be transformed into...
Valuing the unique qualities I possess--such as a sense of humour, creativity, determination, wisdom and compassion.
This is my intent...
These are the stitches I will cast on.
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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Celebrating the day

 Is this a beautiful mess?
 Or beautiful yarn?
 Is today Halloween?
Or Samhain?

For me, today, marks a new beginning. I'm celebrating by reviewing my life.
Today I ask, what do I need to elimate from my life? What negative emotion is blocking my positive energy?
Once I have an answer, I will write the negative emotion on a piece of paper, place the paper in a bowl and watch it burn. As it burns I will chant...

Wise one of the waning moon,
Goddess of the starry night,
I create this fire within your cauldron,
to transform that which is plaguing me.
May the energies be reversed: from darkness, light!
From bane, good! From death, birth!
(From Wicca:  A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner by Scott Cunningham)

Then I will cast on stitches for a new life.

May your celebration be merry.
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Friday, October 28, 2011

Please welcome Author Robert C Roman

How/why did you start to write?
The first fiction I remember writing was a Star Blazers fan fic.  This was way, way back in the 70s.  I got about ten pages in... and then school was over and I had to put my notebook away and go home.  I found that notebook again recently.  It shall never see the light of day!  Never!

How did you become an author?
I started writing with the intent of publication about five years ago.  A complete stranger read something I wrote and liked it enough to say so online.  I kept writing, kept submitting, and one day in July of 2010, Lisa and Heather at Decadent Publishing sent me back a contract instead of a rejection.  Woo Hoo!

What was your first published piece?
Fae Eye for the Golem Guy.  It's a paranormal romantic comedy about a straight laced Golem and a wild Fae princess.

Where was it published?
Decadent Publishing.  Hey Lisa and Heather!  Mad Props to the Publishers who took a chance on me!

How long ago?
August 1st, 2010, so roughly 14 months.

What did you do before embarking on your writing career? Was it an asset to your writing? How?
I'm still doing some of it.  I teach high school at Woodrow Wilson High School in Camden New Jersey.  Before that, while I was writing, I worked as a Project Manager, a Programmer, a Help Desk Tech, a Lab Tech, and that doesn't include all the jobs I had working my way through school.
It's always an asset, both because of the number of people I've met and the number of odd situations I've found myself in.

What inspires you?
My wife.  My kids (both my children and my students).  My friends.  Music.

Please share one of your successful marketing techniques
Um... when I find one I'll tell you?

Parting words
I'd just like to send out a quick thank you to everyone who has supported me and my writing.  You guys rock!

You can find me online at  Come by and visit!

My latest book, What Not to Fear, came out this summer.  It's the sequel to Fae Eye for the Golem Guy, and it's available at Decadent, Amazon, and wherever fine eBooks are sold.  J

Michaela Miles is Philly’s best detective.  Sometimes her methods are medieval, but that's not surprising.  Michaela has been fighting evil for nearly four hundred years. 

George Matthew Franklin, Matt to his friends, is on the cutting edge of forensic science.  He has been paired up with the city's best detective to prove what the new techniques can do.  There's only one problem: he won't find much evidence if he can't take his eyes off his new partner.

Michaela and Matt make enemies, because Bad Guys don’t like detectives or investigators.  Demons and Fae, Vampires and Thugs, none of them can get away with misbehaving when these two are on the case.  When they all join forces to take vengeance, everyone will learn that there are always worse things to fear!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Inches--a short story

I wrote Inches in 2006. It's my pleasure to offer it to you today--but, please be forewarned, it's a little gory.

Knitting is simply sticks and string.  My words are simply vowels and consonants. The work is yours.  You must cast on each stitch to knit.  You must listen to understand.

While you are knitting and before what you are knitting takes shape, others, may guess as to what the finished item will be:  a sweater, a hat, a …

So it is for knitting as it is for my tale.  Looking at me consciously or unconsciously you are making a series of value judgments.  You hope that these value judgments will prepare you for what you are about to hear. 

You think, She’s young, she’s pretty. 

But I didn’t always look like this.  Would you be surprised to learn that I once weighed double, no triple my current weight?  Yes, indeed I was enormous.

“Piggy, Tub of Lard, Fatso” that was me.  Kind people would say, “Pretty face shame about the body.”  Turning to face me, they'd  tenderly enquire “Don’t you care how you look?” – if they only knew. 

Truth was, I'd tried it all:  dieting, vomiting, exercising, fasting--nothing worked. 

Each night, at my local bar, I drown my sorrows in glass after glass of wine.  This particular night, I was determined to use liquid courage to end my life.  What did I have to live for?  Who would care if I were gone?

In this humble place I found an unexpected answer – him.  He appeared like a god out of thin air. 

At first I rejected his advances – I had been the butt of jokes before and I did not wish to be again.  He wouldn't to be denied. Flowers were delivered to my work. I found love letters in my mail.  He asked me out again and again until, finally, I weakened.  

I said, "Yes." and, in response, he wined and dined me. For the first time in my life, I felt attractive, desirable. When he asked me to go away with him I was on cloud nine.  How could I refuse?  Why would I refuse?

He found a charming country inn on a tiny island.  We spent every minute of every day together--alone in the universe. 

During this magical weekend, he began my transformation.  Bite by bite, mouthful by mouthful, he shaped me into the woman I am today.   

He dialed the phone. "I need a steak knife and a fork. Please wrap them in a teatowel and place them at our door. Knock once and leave." He told the front desk.

Each meal, he plunged the steak knife into my flesh and hacked off the fat. He popped it into his mouth. "Hmmm, you taste so good." He told me I was the best he'd ever eaten.

Sure, I can’t deny it hurt at first, but you can get use to anything.  At the end of that weekend I was a transformed woman.  
Thanks to him, I can stand tall.  Now I’m a woman any man would cherish.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Making writing easier

Facing that blank page can be overwhelming. Filling it challenging. Here are two helpful sites.

Dilemma:  To set the scene, you must see the scene. A couple of days ago I faced this challenge--and came up dry. It'd simply been too long since I set foot in an grade two classroom.
Solution:  I typed 'grade two classroom' into
Google images 
Yield:  over ten pages of photos--gold for my muse.

Dilemma:  I'm dyslexic. So spelling has always been a challenge. Moreover, words such as 'advice' and 'advise' confuse me.
Solution:  I use not only will this site supply the correct spelling but it will also read the word to you. This site also offers a thesurus as well as other tools. Check it out.

More helpful sites...
Kristen Lamb's blog:  Kristen is offering a blog series on novel structure. It was very helpful for me--hopefully it will be helpful for you.
Rock Your Writing:  Talks about ploting your novel and your scenes so that you can write faster. NaNo, anyone?

That's only four--I'm sure there's lots more. Please share your links in the comments.

Monday, October 24, 2011

What fell off my needles

I'm knitting for a craft gallery. The show opens on November 28th. I need about two days to weave in ends and sew seams. So I have a little better than a month to knit. Here's what's fallen off my needles so far.

 fingerless gloves

 I'm still knitting. Here's what's waiting on my needles...

 stitches for a fingerless glove
 stitches for a cowl

stitches for a cardigan

Hmmm, I wonder what else I'll knit. I'll keep you posted.
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Friday, October 21, 2011

Please welcome Barbara Elsborg

How/why did you start to write?

I've always written from being a small child but my writing took off in my teens when I started to write fan fiction based on TV shows -- with me as the heroine starring alongside my favourite heroes. I wrote because I wasn't happy. I didn't have friends and didn't fit in, so it was comforting to create a world where I felt I belonged.

How did you become an author?

I'd written suspense novels and romantic novels for a while and had nothing but rejections, and then I joined Critique Circle. It was a very useful way to learn more about the craft and to find out what worked and didn't work in my writing. I watched one of the writers I was critiquing find a publisher for her erotic story and thought -- I can do that. So I changed genre, submitted to Ellora's Cave and was accepted.

What was your first published piece?

My first book was Perfect Timing, an erotic romantic comedy, but I'd had a few published pieces before that. A children's short story won a competition, I had a few factual pieces published in magazines and I wrote travel articles for the largest regional newspaper in the UK for a few years. But my very first fictional piece for adults was a horror flash for Alienskin magazine. I was paid $5. Fantastic!

Where was it published?

My novel, Perfect Timing, was published by Ellora's Cave first as an e-book but also in paperback now.

How long ago?


Do you write in more than one genre?

I've written in many genres but seem to have settled into suspense stories and erotic romances of one sort or another. I like reading suspense novels but I'm much less keen on reading erotic novels. Though to be honest, I read almost anything, though not hard core sci fi or high fantasy.

What did you do before embarking on your writing career? Was it an asset to your writing? How?

I've had an number of jobs. Working for the government in several guises, a short spell at an advertising agency and I sold cyanide for a few years. Everything I've done has been useful in my writing. Life is one big resource! I shamelessly use my friends though hopefully they won't recognize themselves. Though a few guys have asked me to use their names in the erotic romances. Er -- no!

What inspires you?

Books, dreams, music, life in general. No one specific thing. An idea occurs to me and I run with it. I don't plot or plan anything. I have no idea what's going to happen from one chapter to the next. Makes writing interesting but difficult!

Parting words

Thanks for having me, Leanne (You're most welcome, Barbara. It was my pleasure.)


Barbara Elsborg lives in West Yorkshire in the north of England. She always wanted to be a spy, but having confessed to everyone without them even resorting to torture, she decided it was not for her. Vulcanology scorched her feet. A morbid fear of sharks put paid to marine biology. So instead, she spent several years successfully selling cyanide.

After dragging up two rotten, ungrateful children and frustrating her sexy, devoted, wonderful husband (who can now stop twisting her arm) she finally has time to conduct an affair with an electrifying plugged-in male, her laptop.

Her romantic books feature quirky heroines and bad boys, and she hopes they are so much fun to read as they are to write. The suspense books are dark and deadly -- be warned!



Book blurb

Some crime can never be forgotten.

Kate Evans doesn't take risks. She chose her apartment with care -- a safe district with a good neighbor -- a place where she can live a quiet, unassuming, under-the-radar existence. Then she makes one mistake and opens her door to accept a delivery of flowers from a secret admirer and her life will never be the same again. A guy she's never seen before bursts into her apartment and asks her to marry him. Jack Thompson won't take no for an answer and drags Kate on a cross country journey to hell.

Invalided out of the police, Nathan Beranson works as a private investigator in San Antonio, Texas where he spends too much of his time following unfaithful spouses and delivering the bad news to their partners. When his fiancee cheats on him with Jack Thompson, the half-brother Nathan's only just met, he becomes obsessed with Jack in the same unhealthy way as his revenge-seeking clients. By the time Nathan finally realizes putting the ghosts of the past to rest is a wiser option than settling an old score, it's too late. He's already been drawn into his sibling's latest deadly game and Nathan and Kate find their nightmare is only just beginning.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Writers' Union short prose competition

I received this in my email inbox today...

The Writers’ Union of Canada’s nineteenth annual Short Prose Competition for Developing Writers ends in two weeks, on November 3. If you have not been published in book format and do not have a contract with a book publisher, submit your best piece of prose of up to 2,500 words:

Deadline: postmarked by November 3, 2011
Prize: $2,500 and the winner and finalists’ entries submitted to three Canadian magazine publishers for consideration
Word limit: up to 2,500 words
Entry fee: $29 per entry, cheque or money order payable to The Writers’ Union of Canada

Mail your entry and fee to:

SPC Competition
The Writers' Union of Canada
200 -
90 Richmond Street East
Toronto ON M5C 1P1

Full guidelines can be found at

Hmm, not published in a book format--that means I can enter. Excuse, I have to write. : )
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Autumn beauty

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Knitted in Love--a story

Here's the story of how I developed the design for my favourite toque.

One of my island neighbours knit her husband a toque. Forty years later he still wears it.

She tells him that it has become ugly with age – he wears it. She explains that the yarn has become piled – he wears it. She says the colours have faded – he wears it.

“You knit it for me when we...when our love was oh so young,” he coos.  “I don’t want a new toque. I don’t want any toque but this one.” He draws her into his arms and kisses her.

“Oh, I give up,” she laughs.

Later, when he is having an afternoon nap, she confides in me, toque in hand. “I’m going to take this dirty old thing and burn it. You see how ugly it is!” She pauses. “Its just…its just that…he feels the cold so. Maybe if I could make one exactly like it. The same colour – the same pattern…”

“What’s the matter?” I ask.

“Well, dear,” she says. “It just won’t work.”

“Why not?”

“I lost the pattern years ago and these old hands they just won’t hold the needles.”

“I could help you,” I offer. “I can design a toque exactly like this one.”

“Really? Well, that would be wonderful dear.”  She says and hands me a shopping bag containing yarn and adds the toque.

Arriving home, I set to work. I examine the toque and am impressed – it is a clever design. There are a few things I would change, I think. I resist the impulse. I replicate the toque. I knit the last stitch, sew the seam, and weave in the ends.

After placing the remaining yarn and the toques in the shopping bag, I walk to my neighbour’s. She is pleased to see me and enquires about my progress.

“I’m finished,” I say handing her the bag.

She takes the new toque out of the bag and then hands the bag back to me. Grinning, she closely examines my work. 

Her husband sails into the kitchen, grabs the toque and says, “I’ m going for a walk.” He kisses her and waves to me.

Victorious, we wait until he leaves and then we share a laugh.

Later, with the old toque as my muse, I make alterations and produce a new pattern. 

I have knit this toque for men, for women, for children, for infants--and even for me. The toque has been enjoyed by all. I hope you enjoy knitting it.


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Monday, October 17, 2011

#hand knitting pattern: winter hat

My favourite toque
Fits most adults

Yarn: worsted weight
Weight (in ounces and grams) of the skein/ball:  3.5 oz/ 100 grams
Length (in yards and meters) of the skein/ball:  230 yards/ 210 metres

Needle size:  1 pair of 4.50 mm (7 US, 7 UK)

Tension:  20 stitches x 8 rows = 4 inches over Stockinette stitch

Stitch pattern

4 x 4 rib stitch (over even number of stitches)
Row 1:  knit 4, purl 4--to end of row
Repeat row for pattern

1 x 1 rib stitch (over even number of stitches)
Row 1:  knit 1, purl 1--to end of row
Repeat row for pattern

Cast on 80 stitches
Work in 4 x 4 rib stitch for 11 inches (27. 5 cm)
This row:  knit two together to end of row (40 stitches remain)
Work in 1 x 1 rib for 1 inch (2 cm)

Cast (bind) off, sew seam and weave in ends
Next post:  I will share the story of how I developed this design.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Please welcome Terrill Welch (artist, phototgrapher, writer) visits

Your art graces many homes--in which countries are these home located?

It is so much fun to have my work out there globe trotting in a way I have never been. Let's see there are many pieces in Canada and the United States but also in England and Switzerland. My new little coffee table book Precious Seconds -- Mayne Island in paintings and photographs is the one that has surprised me the most. It has been purchased all across the United States from central U.S. and then one coast and then all the way to the other coast. But I am still waiting to sell my first copy in Canada.

Where can we buy your art?

My work can be purchased directly from my home studio, several local venues such as the Green House Restaurant, the Oceanwood Resort or the Farm Gate Store and through a variety of online venues. The best place to view work that is currently available and to link to the various outlets is through my online gallery Terrill Welch Artist at

You have a very popular blog. What are your future plans for it?

The Creative Potager blog with its inspirational sprout questions which is attached to each post certainly does host a lively community of creative beings. The readers who comment and share in response to these posts provide a rich and self-sustaining platform for my new photographs and paintings. This works well for me and it seems to work equally well for others. Therefore, I shall keep posting Mondays an Fridays with the occasional special project such as the three October Sunday posts -- Salish Sea Sunday Studio Savings that is offering savings on featured work for one hour.

Parting words

Thank you for asking me such thoughtful questions Leanne. May we remember, no matter what we do -- creativity is the emerald of our success.
This breathtaking photo graces the cover of Terrill Welch's new book
Precious Seconds--Mayne Island in paintings and photographs

Short Biography:

Mayne Island artist and photographer Terrill Welch's distinctive palette, quick sure painting strokes and photographic images capture forest, sandstone, sea and sky. They remind us that there is only one moment --this one.

Born in the village of Vanderhoof in north central British Columbia, Terrill's art training came at an early age and continued more in the European style of mentoring and tutoring.

Terrill Welch's work in water miscible oil paints and her photography printed on canvas showcase the beautiful, mysterious and rugged southwest coast of Canada.

A complete artist's biography is located on Terrill's popular Creative Potager blog.

Contact information:

Terrill Welch
artist, photographer, writer

Online Gallery
Creative Potager blog
Photography at redbubble
Google +

Facebook: Terrill Welch

email: tawelch

phone: 1-250-539-5877

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The power of Yoga

I took my first class in Yoga yesterday. Here's the email I sent my instructor...

Hi Dove,
I was so disappointed that I didn't have an opportunity to thank you for the awesome class--I had 15 minutes to walk to the library, my shift started at 11AM. You may have seen me flying around--that's why.

Thank you so much for offering suggestions for those of us less physically fit. I love Yoga's spiritual aspect. You told us to set an intention. Mine was to relax--and it worked.

Thanks to a classmate I made it to the library--just in time. Awaiting for me there were many young readers, all very interested in signing out books, few with cards. Before Yoga all of this would have freaked me out royally. After one class, I was so calm. I found myself wondering how I was taking everything so well. All I saw were wonderful young people eager to read--my heart was full.

I can't wait until next Wednesday.


Where will I be next Wednesday?

(click to embolden)

Why don't you join me?
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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

When Gwen meets Jaron--a scene from The Sweater Curse

Gwen attends a gala evening and meets...

I snapped my fingers and every man in the room jumped, but him. He continued to talk with a blue-haired old lady. Was he gay? My dress was visually appealing. Knit from a bamboo blend, it hugged my curves. The hem was mere inches past my ass. The deep V-neck framed my cleavage. Look at me, damn you, I silently demanded as I bent over. Everyone looked, but him. Enraged, I marched over to him.
"Excuse me."
"Yes," he said.
"I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed listening to your story. I'd love to hear more, see more of you. Anytime. Anywhere." I grinned. My words were a thinly-veiled invitation to erotic pleasures.
His eyes focused on my face. "So, you enjoyed my story?" I nodded. "I wonder if I was able to effectively convey my underlying message?" His eyes didn't rake my body. I was puzzled. He must be gay.
"I think your message was clear."
"Yes, please continue. I'm listening."
"You think our society undervalues artists," I offered. "And you think this is an unfair judgement."
"What do you think?"
"I think your assessment is accurate."
Conservation flowed easily between us.

What happens next? Buy your copy of The Sweater Curse today. Buy link

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Maynely A Mystery

Me:  I recently received a review of my cozy mystery.
You:  Hey, I didn't know you wrote a cozy mystery.
Me:  Oh, sorry. Would you like to learn more?
You: Of course!

Maynely A Mystery

(paperback published in June 2009)
The last words of her beloved Grandmother send Olivia Weatherington on a journey to Mayne Island, BC. There, Olivia follows clue after clue to solve a six decades old family mystery.

“My people, my nation has been coming here from the beginning of time. This is a magical island,” he smiled. “You were lost when you came here but now the island has found you. It will reveal many lessons to you:  why you’re here; who you are; where you came from. Don’t be afraid to learn. These lessons will leave you stronger.” Michael got up and strode away.

Peppered with subtle humour, surreal situations and entertaining characters.
Amber Harvey (Mayne Island Aliens)

In Maynely A Mystery, her first novel, Leanne Dyck takes her skill at writing emotionally charged stories from nonfiction into fiction. Her writing about knitting has given her the skills needed to spin a yarn in this new genre.
Donna Druchunas (Ethnic Knitting Exploration)

Rumours of gold, a secret lover, ghosts and other mysteries create a labyrinth of intrigue as Maynely A Mystery traces the lives of the story’s animated eccentric characters. Author Leanne Dyck knows her craft, her audience, and her setting. Her novel provides a voyeuristic glimpse into human character and island life.
Terrill Welch (Leading Raspberry Jam Visions:  Women’s Way)

Maynely a Mystery by author Leanne Dyck is an intriguing book about a mysterious island filled with interesting eccentric characters.  Mayne Island is an island located in the Gulf Islands between mainland British Columbia and Vancouver Island.  It is an island where time stands still, where hippies can lead their lives how they like and where people tend to find themselves in the silence.  The author lives there and is obviously devoted to her home as she has found herself there.
Young Olivia Weatherington will also find herself there.  She sets out on a journey with her grandmother's ashes and her cousin.  She ends up finding truth, contentment and she finds what was missing in her life for so many years.

Leanne Dyck has a unique way of weaving a mysterious tale. Very enjoyable, quick read.

Kathryn Poulin, reviewer

Buy Link

On Mayne Island, Maynely A Mystery is available from Miners' Bay Books
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Monday, October 10, 2011

Finishing a cardigan

Written on February 12, 2015:  My knitter friends are finding my old knitting posts. So it must be time for an update. I gave in to my itch to knit just before Christmas. I started turning out presents -- left, right and centre. I made three scarves, four hats and a baby sweater. All was good. No wrist pain. So I pulled out two unfinished projects. Two cardigans, knit much the same this one is. Well, this turned out to be a big mistake. I made headway on both, but at the expense of my wrists. So I've had to shelf the cardigans, once again. Once upon a time, I could finish a new sweater about every third week. I was knitting crazy. A word to the wise: use caution, control this impulse. 

Cool blog title, eh? I was pretty stoked about it. A nice new cardigan just in time for Thanksgiving. Um, yeah, that's what I thought until things weren't horribly wrong.
 the front
 the back
 the sleeve (I do have two)
 Unsuspecting, I attached the sleeve to the body and that's when I found.
 the problem--the front is approximately two inches shorter than the back.
the solutions--I ripped out the front and put it back on the needles. My cardigan may be ready for Thanksgiving--the one in November.
As I ripped out the stitches I thought, Yet another reason why I'm glad I'm now an author and not a knitwear designer--you can argue with words but not with numbers.
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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Please welcome Terrill Welch (artist, photographer, writer)

What fine artists have inspired you?

Emily Carr has been the longest and most sustaining inspiration for me as an artist. I resonate with her point of view and challenges. Her writings about her art career give me a tremendous sense of hope and possibility. There are others of course like Camille Pissarro, Claude Monet, Lawren Harris and Vincent Van Gogh. But it is Emily who sits with me when I am struggling and wrestling a canvas down to size. As for my photography it is hands down the approach of John Daido Loori. His idea that a person waits to be invited to take a photograph is very much a foundational element in my practice of taking the photograph that is there to be taken rather than anticipating the shot.

You do a wonderful job of capturing Mayne Island's beauty. Please discuss your process.

Leanne, I think most places are beautiful. (I agree. However, not all places speak to all artists--and I believe it is this conversation that is the genesious of creation.) Mayne Island just happens to be where I am right now. What surprises me sometimes is that local people often do not recognize the location of my images or paintings even though I know the physical sites are familiar. I think this is because they have never framed the view as I am framing it. So when I present the image it is the first time their eyes see it. My process is very straight forward.

I go out and I walk with my camera or I set up and paint en plein air or by using my photographs for reference. I photograph and paint what I feel as much as what I see. My eye is always musing about what to pull into a frame while my body is always sensing and breathing the place that I am in. This may sound weird but Mayne Island allows for big loose energy fields. A person can relax and reach out and feel to the edges of the universe on Mayne Island. This is different than when we are in the city where we must keep our energy field wrapped close to us. In the city there needs to be room for everyone and everything and so we are careful that we aren't poking into each other's personal space. I think this openness of Mayne Island comes through in my work. When people experience one of photographs or paintings it is as if they know there is room for them to "be" with and in the image. As much as any technical skill or talent I might offer I believe this is a significant draw to my work.

Are you led by inspiration or intent?

This is such a tough question to answer Leanne. I am led by intent and maintain momentum by inspiration but the two threads are forever spiraling around each other to the point that it is a both and/or kind of situation. I need both inspiration and intent.

What is your daily routine?

Leanne I am one of those strange beings that are extremely self-directed. I do not need to place much in the way of routine around my day for it to become productive. I have a big-picture vision and then the immediate present. This allows my daily routine to be flexible and organized by intention. I ask myself in the morning "what is it I most want to get done today?" Then I go and do it. I tend to accomplish my best creative work first thing in the morning. I often leave my networking and visiting to the afternoon and evening. That is about it for my daily routine.

Are you currently working on a painting? What is the subject?

I am currently working on a 36 X 36 inch seascape oil painting that is mostly clouds. It is time I start the final stage for its completion. With a bit of luck, it will be unveiled on a post at Creative Potager soon. This painting will be included in a new series I am working on of seascape paintings "Squared to the Sea". Five plein air paintings were completed this summer as part of this new body of work.

This breathtaking photo graces the cover of Terrill Welch's new book:  Precious Seconds--Mayne Island in paintings and photographs

Short Biography:

Mayne Island artist and photographer Terrill Welch's distinctive palette, quick sure painting strokes and photographic images capture forest, sandstone, sea and sky. They remind us that there is only one moment--this one.

Born in the village of Vanderhoof in north central British Columbia, Terrill's art training came at an early age and continued more in the European style of mentoring and tutoring.

Terrill Welch's work in water miscible oil paintings and her photography printed on canvas showcase the beautiful mysterious and rugged southwest coast of Canada.

A complete artist's biography is located on Terrill's popular Creative Potager blog at

Contact information:

Terrill Welch
artist, photographer, writer

Online Gallery
Creative Potager blog
Photography at redbubble

Facebook:  Terrill Welch

phone:  1-250-539-5877
Next Saturday:  Our visit with Terrill continues

Friday, October 7, 2011

Please welcome author Janet Bolin

How/why did you start to write?

I began telling stories as soon as I could talk and found an audience, usually other little kids. My favorite friends tended to be very gullible.

I wrote my first poem when I was 7 and passed it around at the family Thanksgiving celebration. The poem was about my cat, only I didn't own a cat and I never had owned a cat. I thought the aunts and uncles were chuckling because I'd written the contraction "he'll" and it looked like a word I wasn't supposed to say or write. Much, much later, I re-read the poem and understood the laughter. I'd written this about "my" cat: "Then he'll have kittens."

How did you become an author?

Probably by finding it very difficult to stop writing.

What was your first published piece?

An article about what was going on in my junior high.

Where was it published?

A small community newspaper. I was school liaison and wrote that column several times.

How long ago?

Last century.

What did you do before embarking on your writing career? Was it an asset to your writing? How?

Before seriously attempting fiction, I worked in office jobs, mainly with numbers. But there were people, too, and people always give a writer insight into character and motivation.

What inspires you?

Everything. If I go to a museum or a fabric or yarn shop, I come home wanting to paint or create, which usually takes the form of sewing and/or embroidery. If I'm stuck on something in my writing, I'll think through the problem while going for a walk, shoveling snow (!), knitting, or sewing. Usually, though, the best thing is to sit at the computer and actually write.

Please share one of your successful marketing techniques

Marketing? I asked my editor for marketing advice, and liked what she told me: "Do whatever's most comfortable for you." Mostly, when it comes to marketing and promotion, I run away screaming. I do occasionally wander into bookstores and introduce myself, and no one has thrown anything at me, yet. Berkley Prime Crime (Penguin USA) has been very helpful with marketing and publicity--in its first week, Dire Threads made it onto three mass market paperback mystery bestselling lists in the U.S.

Will there be more books in the series?

Yes, the second book in the Threadville Mystery series, working title Threaded for Trouble, comes out in June, 2012. It features a killer sewing machine. The third book is scheduled for June, 2013. I'm writing that one now.

Parting words

When writing, picture your audience. Write to entertain those folks.


Threadville has everything -- a fabric store, yarn shop, notions store, quilting boutique, and Will Vanderling's brand new shop, In Stitches, a hit with tourists eager to learn embroidering in the latest way, with software and machines.

But when the village's bullying zoning commissioner picks a fight with Willow and turns up dead in Willow's yard, the close-knit community starts unraveling at the seams.

Will must stitch together clues and find the real murder, or the next thing she embroiders may be an orange prison jumpsuit...




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