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Book Review: Something for Everyone by Lisa Moore (short story collection)

Something for Everyone by Lisa Moore is tailor-made for a creative writing course. The collection could be used for exploring form, structure (What is the difference between form and structure?), and genre. Most of the stories are contemporary. The exceptions are “Marconi” (historical fiction) and “Light Up the Dark” (magical realism). “Light Up the Dark” is my pick of the litter with its positive message. As told by a mysterious (and legendary) hero, “Light Up the Dark” is a tender story about the love a grandson has for his grandmother. Some of the stories explore the same themes as Atwood's Bluebeard's Egg—especially “Skywalk”. I think Atwood would be impressed by Moore's powerful language—especially pages 264 to 267. Though diverse in form, structure, and genre the stories have a commonality—Newfoundland. Most stories are set in that province and those that don't have a protagonist from Newfoundland—for example, “The Viper's Revenge” (set in Orlando, Florida).

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Published in 2018
Published by House of Anansi

longlisted for the Scotiabank Giller Prize, in 2018

In her author acknowledgements, Lisa Moore thanks her students and colleagues—Lisa Moore is an Assistant Professor at Memorial University in Newfoundland.

Reviewing Something for Everyone for the Toronto Star, Stephen Finucan writes:  'Moore's great gift is her ability to make common the uncommon and extraordinary the mundane...Without question, Moore is a great conscience and compassion.'

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Scotiabank Giller interview with Lisa Moore

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