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The Other Side (short fiction) Ch. 11 by Leanne Dyck

 Ch. 10 Owen takes Mara out for dinner and dancing and asks her about 'the world behind the wall'. 

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The Other Side

Chapter eleven

We were enjoying an episode of Seinfeld--how can a show about nothing be so funny--when the phone rang. Owen didn't move, but I grabbed it before it went to the answering machine.

No 'hi' or 'how's it going?' or anything, Becky let fire with, "Aren't you ever going to invite me over?"

"We've only been living here for a couple of--."

"I'm dying to see the house you were prepared to end our friendship over," she said.

"I wasn't--."

"What's the address."

I gave it to her and she said, "Huh? Why does the address sound so familiar? I guess it's just another one of your delightful mysteries, eh? Tom, Rusty, and I will drop by tomorrow at 7 PM." She hung up.

I stood there, holding the phone to my ear. "Bye, Becky. It was nice to talking with you." I hung up and flopped back down onto the futon.

"How was Becky?" Owen asked.

"As sunny as always."

"That's too bad."

"They're coming over tomorrow."

"You invited them?"

"Becky invited herself and Tom and even her dog."

"Of course, they never go anywhere without their dog."

"I hope she likes the house."

"Why does it matter what she thinks?"

"I'm not sure why, but it does."

"Well, at least she phoned before delighting us with her presence."

photo by ldyck

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