Sunday, November 5, 2017

Book Review: Pride (non-fiction MG) by Robin Stevenson

Published by Orca Book Publishers
Published in 2016

Thanks to its colourful book cover design and the skilled author Pride:  Celebrating Diversity & Community sings out loudly about a world-wide community of people who are proud of their history and their future. 

History such as...

When police continued to harass and arrest frequenters of one of New York's popular gay bars--Stonewall--the gay community rose up in protest. The Stonewall Riot occurred on the evening of June 28, 1969. And Robin Stevenson writes:  'Although it wasn't called Pride Day, most people agree that the first Pride parade was held a year after the Stonewall Riots, on June 28, 1970.'

To personalize the history, Robin Stevenson draws on personal insights from those in the LGBTQ community--including her own. 

She points out that:  'For Pride to truly represent all LGBTQ people, Pride events need to take a stand against not just homophobia and heterosexism but against all forms of oppression.'

This is a powerful book that concludes with a call to arms. Robin Stevenson wants us (supports of Pride) to be heard and she offers ways and means to make this happen.

I seldom review non-fiction books, but I'm so glad I made an exception this time. Though written for children, I firmly believe that everyone would benefit from reading Pride.


My interview with the author of Pride:  Robin Stevenson

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