Sunday, December 25, 2016

2016-on-this-blog list

In many ways, 2016 was a unique year. You couldn't call this year 'Ann' or 'Mary'. You'd have to call it 'Pathan' or 'Sarren'. 

Snow on Mayne Island? Honestly? Snow on Mayne Island that lasts more than a couple of days? Really? But it sure does did  look pretty...

(LDyck 2017)

Okay, back on topic. 2016-on-this-blog list.

What did you like about this blog in 2016?

The 6 most popular posts...

1. (205 page views) Book review:  Shimmer by Paula Weston

2. (200 page views) Interview with Maggie de Vries
on being a multi-genre author

3. (174 page views) short story: Sarren's Curse:  part 1

4. (159 page views) workshop review:  Maggie de Vries' workshop

5. (149 page views) book review:  Burn by Paula Weston

6. (127 page views) article:  It's All Good
(127 page views) short story:  Lasting Love

What did I accomplish in 2016?

My skill level and confidence increased thanks to the input of my first readers and the information I gathered at workshops given by 

Maggie de Vries 


Jami Macarty

and from books such as Writing Picture Books by Ann Whitford Paul

For example, from Writing Picture Books, I learned to write short stories from the child's perceptive, that captures the reader's attention from the first paragraph.

My author journey is not always smooth. I get my fair share of rejection letters. Reading books such as Big Magic:  Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert helped me maintain a positive attitude.
If destiny didn't want me to be a writer, I figure then it shouldn't have made me one. But it did make me one, and I've decided to meet that destiny with as much good cheer and as little drama as I can--because how I choose to handle myself as a writer is entirely my own choice... My ultimate to always approach my work from a place of stubborn gladness. -Elizabeth Gilbert

But the star of my writing year was Bim...

Dear Reader,

Thank you for spending this year with me. Wishing you a cozy holiday. Looking forward to visiting with you in 2017.

Next post

Published on Sunday, January 1st (New Year's day) at approximately 5 PM PST
2017 a year of possibilities
A post that answers the question:  What one essential ingredient do make next year what could and should be?

Picture Books in Canada

The Next Chapter with Shelagh Rogers (a program on Canada's public radio station) makes 15 great book recommendations for young readers--including picture books.

Sharing my author journey...

2016 was a very productive year--especially the last three months. I sent 213 submissions to publishers. 72 from January to September. 140 from October to December. 

The more shots you take on goal the more likely you are to score. If that's true, I feel like I found a key to success. 2017 may prove to be very exciting. I look forward to sharing it with you.