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4 books that changed my life by Leanne Dyck

What are the books that changed your life?

Here's my answer...

I can't remember life without a pen. And before that I told stories to puppies and kittens. When I wasn't telling the stories I was listening to them. All this listening and all this writing inevitably lead me to want to write a book.

1st Question:  Can I write a book?

It seemed like an unreachable goal. In a blog post I wrote 'even a short book is over 100 pages'.

So how did I achieve this goal?

By writing one short story after another.

an audio book a collection of knitting-themed short stories
published in 2006

2nd Question:  Can I sell my book?

is a short (approximately 35,000 words) mystery 
set on Mayne Island 
published in 2009

As I wrote the final chapter, I worked on the marketing plan. I envisioned my target reader and devised plans to reach her. These plans included a book launch featuring Mayne Island musicians. This book served as an introduce to the publishing industry. I learned what is involved in the publishing and marketing of books. I sold over 200 copies (through several bookstores and directly to readers). Maynely A Mystery was a Mayne Island best seller.

3rd Question:  Can I find a publisher?

The success of Maynely A Mystery inspired me to take (what I viewed as) the next step--finding a publisher for The Sweater Curse a novella-length paranormal thriller. Novellas are challenging to place. I searched the Internet. Bono Bookstore (imprint of Decadent Publishing) taught me how to work with a publishing house. My writing benefited at the hands of skilled editors. I worked with other authors to develop marketing plans for our books. 

Link to a YouTube video of me reading from this book

4th Question:  Can I build a writing career?

Novelty Yarn taught me that I could write a book.
Maynely A Mystery taught me that I could market a book.
The Sweater Curse taught me that I can find a publisher.
You, dear reader, taught me that I can build a supportive community.

And now I'm ready to work with publishers to build a career in writing.

(photo by Leanne Dyck)


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(a clue from me to you) Logline:  An operation to increase intellect fails, but the experience teaches a man with down syndrome that there are more important things than intelligence. 
The book is... 

(photo by Leanne Dyck)
Picture Books in Canada

'Victoria Children's Literature Roundtable is one of many Children's Literature Roundtables across Canada. We are a varied group of educators, librarians, parents, authors, illustrators and other professionals who meet 5-7 times between September and June to celebrate and promote children's literature. Our programs are varied and offer something to everyone. Children's literature enthusiasts are always welcome.' -quote from the Victoria Children's Literature Roundtable website 

For more information, please click this link and this one 

  Sharing my author journey...
A black blanket, studded with a sliver moon and twinkling stars covered the earth...
I hadn't set an alarm, but something woke me. Some may call it inspiration, others a muse. Whatever, the result was the same. I wrote. Almost before the thought formed in my head, the words appeared on the page. I snuggled into my pillow and closed my eyes only to open a few minutes later to write another story. And another. The morning light found a picture book and two boards book manuscripts in my bedside notebook. Inspiration... Muse... When they call I listen.

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