Sunday, June 28, 2015

Where's the head? (short story) by Leanne Dyck

Once upon a time, I sat down with a glass of lemonade in a friend's back garden. I wanted to get his opinion on a story I'd just written. After I finished reading it to him I asked, "Well?"

He had a kind face and a warm smile. His words weren't always easy to hear, but they were always helpful. By way of a reply, he said, "A couple of weeks ago, Sharon asked for my opinion on a painting she'd just finished. I knew she'd didn't want false praise; I knew she was worthy of the effort. And I feel the same about you. So I'll tell you what I told her, I can see the body, but where's the head."


"Stories should always have a point and make it," he said. And his words still echo in my ears.

More (coming soon):  We'll talk about find the point of your story again soon when we tackle the problem of how to find the end of your story. Please stay tuned.

Next Monday:  reviewing Gone Girl (thriller) by Gillian Flynn

Sharing my author journey...

It's an old song. I know it's been sung before--by me and others--but...

where is the year going? It just seems like we started 2015 and, yet, in three days we'll be celebrating Canada day.
Happy Canada Day!!
That means the year is half over...half over. Wow...

What have I done with the years, so far?
I gave one author reading. It was at Mayne Island's library during the Active Pass festival and it was tons of fun.
I've sent out 40 submissions to publishers -- including the 3 I sent this month.
I refuse to focus on the rejection letters. It's enough to know that I've received some. 
And tomorrow I will continue to write and submit. It's the game I'm in. : )