Sunday, May 31, 2015

Laureen's Manuscript (short story) 2/4 by Leanne Dyck

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photo by Leanne Dyck

Continuation of Laureen's Submission...

Laureen's submission arrived at Acquisition Editor Cora Green's laptop at 5 AM on a Monday morning. Cora's padded wall cubical was sparsely decorated--a notepad and a small glass jar full of pens sat on the corner of the desk. Cora's purse was in a drawer. She'd obtained the job two months ago--celebrating by drinking and dancing too much at a pub with a few friends. The next day she'd paid for the fun with a headache.

Because the submission was one of too many, it sat unread, unnoticed until 9 PM Saturday night. It would have waited longer but Cora's boyfriend of three weeks stood her up with some lame excuse of coming down with the flu.

"Sure. I understand," she'd told him, over the phone. But she hadn't.

I should dump him, she told herself. But she knew she wouldn't. He was just too cute--sandy blond hair, large green eyes, and a dimple. It was the dimple that melted Cora's heart and made her think that he was a sweet guy.


Monday morning, Mr. Thomas Knight leaned over his desk in his corner office, jotting notes regarding an upcoming marketing campaign into his overstuffed suede-bound Day-Timer. Swiveling in his chair, Thomas faced his computer, strolled through his emails, and discovered that Cora had forwarded a submission. His mood darkened. 

Cora, you know I prefer a hard copy. Please deliver this submission to my office, he typed.


After reading Mr. Knight's email, Cora immediately set to work, and moments later, the printer spits out the last page. Times like these she felt like a golden lab playing fetch. I should have told him to print his own copy. I should have... Cora fumed as she headed for Knight's office. But she knew she'd never complained--she was too intimidated by him and enjoyed her job too much to make waves.

Mr. Knight's voice drifted through the crack between the door and the doorframe. "Just calm down. Calm down."

Cora poked her head through the gap.

Mr. Knight waved her in. "Just a second, please," he told the caller and cupped his hand over the phone. "Thank you, Cora. Please leave it on the desk."

Cora did as instructed and then left quickly.


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Sharing my author journey...
Each manuscript is written at its own pace and in its own time. And I've realized is even kept in its own unique way. Some manuscripts have been written on scraps of paper and these scraps have been kept in a file. Other manuscripts have been kept in journals or a binder (like my current one). I have even written short stories on the computer. I do keep a hard copy of all. History has taught me that lesson.

This week I plan to continue to work on a novella. This novella is being created out of the scraps of a novel. Working this way is like having too many clothes in your closet. Instead of making do. You can pick and choose what to wear. Of course, it is wise to reduce your wardrobe every now and again. A trick I use to turn the hanger on outfits you aren't sure you want to keep. If the hanger is turned the other way you know you've worn it. If not, you know it is safe to pass it on.