Thursday, December 25, 2014

An Ancient Tune (short story) read by Leanne Dyck

A Christmas selfie

An Ancient Tune 
A young woman travels to a distant land and solves a family mystery.

Please click this  link to hear me read this short story. It will take you to another page. Once on the page, link the icon beside the title of the story -- An Ancient Tune. (Please let me know if you encounter difficulties.)

Total listening time:  under five minutes 

This short story was inspired by Coldplay's song Viva La Vida
The tricky part to writing it was finding a title. I leapt from one idea to another, but none satisfied. I read this story at an open mic night on Mayne Island. I asked for help with the title and instantaneously I was given -- An Ancient Tune 

I hope you enjoy listening.

This year's tree is a collection of branches pruned off the trees that surround my home. The decorations are miniature crafted red cardinals.