Thursday, August 21, 2014

Introducing Towerbabel – an online collaborative writing and publishing platform by Product Manager Anthony Chan

Introducing Towerbabel – an online collaborative writing and publishing platform
We all have stories to tell. Ever since the writing system was invented in ancient civilizations, people have been recording stories on clay tablets, scrolls, codexes, manuscripts and the like. These are early forms of books.
We are now at the Internet age, with the emergence of social media and mobile devices, it’s become ever easier to share and distribute information to the mass. However, very little has been created from the writers’ perspective and solve their needs in writing and publishing. That's why we created Towerbabel, with the vision that digital platform is more than just a distribution channel, instead, it can facilitate the way we create content and help you to reach your target audience more easily.
At the heart of our platform is the focus on helping aspiring writers to improve their craft and bringing them and their works to readers. While writing is often viewed as a solitary experience, producing a book is never a lonely endeavor. Even with self-publishing, you will need alpha/beta reader, editor, book cover artist, book marketer, etc in order to become successful. We want to be your partner in your writing career and help you along the way.
On Towerbabel, we design our platform to help authors to grow. The challenge for many independent authors, especially first time aspiring writer is the lack of feedback they get on their works. As part of our strategic plan to grow with our authors, our Editor Georgina Parfitt is now providing free book review to selected books on Towerbabel. The review will be posted on Towerbabel and Goodreads. The feedbacks from authors are positive.  Check them out from our recent blog post.

The other focus is to help you to get exposure and build an online presence.  By registering an account and publishing your books on Towerbabel, you are creating an extra channel to market yourself which also serves as a showcase of your writings online and will help you to get more followers. You may take Author JJ Kendrick's Towerbabel Profile page as reference.  And as mentioned by Hugh Howey, bestselling author of WOOL, giving away content is an essential way for authors to find their readers. Our platform let you run giveaways campaign with ease by adding or removing chapters any time after you post. See how authors use Towerbabel to promote their books creatively here.

We also make writing and creating content online a breeze. Instead of typing up in Microsoft word and emailing the docs around, you can write directly on our beautifully designed writing pad. You can drag and drop a photo or embed a video within the text for rendering a richer reading experience. If you have an existing documents or text files, you can import them as well. Everything is stored on the cloud so you can work on any device, any time so long as you have Internet access.
We really want to create a more social experience for both writers and readers. We are still at an early stage but we are constantly listening to our users and improving our product. So come join our community and publish your works with us today. We would love to hear your thoughts. 

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