Sunday, June 1, 2014

Self-publishing, traditional publishing--pick one by Leanne Dyck

In his article, Sir Hugh and the Snail, Porter Anderson asked, "How...can we, as an industry, get past this idea that we're in a fight?'

My answer:  Simply put -- with respect.

Self-publishing is not lesser or greater than traditional publishing--and visa, versa.

As Porter Anderson wrote:  '[T]his is not about self-publishing vs. traditional's about the author deciding what is right for him or her, and for the readers.'

From 2006 to 2009, I self-published paper backs, E books and audio books. The tasks an indie author must perform are many. They include but are not limited to...

-writing the manuscript
-hiring an editor(s)
-hiring the cover designer
-formatting the manuscript
-hiring the printer
-financing the print run
-deciding on the size of the print run
-planning and carrying out marketing activities such as the book launch, book readings, etc.
-soliciting book reviews

-contacting the press
-direct selling to booksellers and readers.

There are many reasons why I choose to self-publish. Ranked high on this list was to learn about the publishing industry.

From 2005 to present, I've sent manuscripts--large and small--to publishers. Sometimes these manuscripts were accepted but mostly they were rejected. Sometimes it took longer than I'd ever imagined to receive that acceptance letter. But once accepted I worked with an established team of professionals to publish my story. This team included publisher, editors and other authors. 

(for a complete account of my publishing history (in traditional publishing), please visit this page)

There are advantages and disadvantages in both routes to publication. 

From these experiences I've grown to understand what I need, as a writer. And what I need is to be traditionally published. That's my decision. 

Other horses for other riders or other pens for other authors...

I'll bookend this article with a quote from another Writer Unboxed article--5 Things I Wished I Knew Before I Published My First Book by Catherine McKenzie: Even though we're artists...that doesn't mean your book business isn't your book business. Whether you go indie or traditional publishing doesn't change this.
Sharing my author journey...

June is shaping up to be one fun and exciting month for this writer. I've (and others) already assigned myself a list of deadlines.
Here's a taste...
Finish (still deciding on title) novella by mid-June (this is for a contest and the contest ends on July 31st and so...)
Finish writing (still deciding on title, sensing a theme here?) play by June 20th (this deadline is also carved in stone--imposed by another)
Finish yet another revision on my novel as soon as humanly possible
Finish (almost decided on title) novella by end of August
And finish two (longish) short stories (one of these short stories is for a contest--the deadline is in November. So I have bags of time for this.)
I'm happy to report that work on the first (unnamed) novella and the (unnamed) play is going swimmingly. And I have hope that I will meet all the deadlines. : )
Dreaming of myself sitting in my canopy writing--one of my favourite places in the world, doing one of my favourite activities.