Friday, May 4, 2012

Guest Post Poet, Author Daisy Hickman

Published author and poet, M.S., Iowa State University (sociology), founder: SunnyRoomStudio
Winds of Time
Words are vehicles for understanding.  Like all artistic forms, they offer avenues of expression that are varied and dynamic.  From poetry to prose, from blogs to novels, words are links between individuals, family systems, organizations, and countries.  I’ve been drawn to them for a lifetime it seems.
Lately, though, poetry is getting much of my attention.  Even a few beautiful lines can nearly stop one’s breath with its perfection: its urgency. 
In addition to my work in SunnyRoomStudio, a creative, sunny space for kindred spirits launched in early 2010, I enjoy writing and editing poetry each day.  Maybe only for a few moments, but maybe for a few hours.  I trust my intuition in this regard.
I listen closely for the ideas, the observations, the feelings, that are edging their way into my awareness.  Silence is the great conductor when it comes to writing poetry.   
Beauty is also something that inspires a great deal of poetry.  By nurturing our souls, beauty inspires us to address the mysteries of the cosmos.  Nature.  Artwork.  A beautiful spring sky.  The smallest bud on a birch tree or a rose bush can lead the way.
The gentle winds of time have guided my interests and goals as a writer.  Always fluctuating.  Always open to that creative stirring – to that moment when an intriguing idea grabs me unexpectedly. 
You can find more of my work in SunnyRoomStudio—poetry pages, blog, book information from ’99—and even some of my quotes – kindred spirit quotes.  But for my guest post, I’d love to leave you with a poem I wrote this morning. 
“Only a Light”
Nothing catches my eye like a hint of dawn,
that ribbon of pinkish-white
against a landscape of reassuring blue, 
yet, swiftly, it’s high noon, then evening,
and the deep black of nightfall, and
I sense I’m moving with the light,
letting it carry me along, letting it point the way,
a laser of ever-changing shades,
a bouquet of color. 

~ D.A. Hickman, May, 2012

Thanks, Leanne, for the kind invitation to share a few thoughts on your blog. 

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