Monday, April 16, 2012

knitting: preparing inventory for a gallery

Each year I knit inventory for a seasonal gallery (ArtCraft) on a big sister island (Salt Spring). Last year my baby sweaters sold out. : ) Based on this popularity I was determined to be better prepared—with more sweaters—this year.
My goal:  20 baby sweaters.
I calculated that I would have to knit—between the months of January to May—five sweaters per month. I judged this to be an obtainable goal.
First I organized my stash into sweater kits and bought more yarn.

Then I cast on and set to work. However, shortly after my needles began to click I began to encounter problems. My years of intense knitting have created wrist problems. This pain limited my stitches. Then a new passion caught my muse’s attention. Writing stole knitting time.
Recently I received a wake up call email from ArtCraft gallery—inventory was to be delivered to the gallery on June 7th. Hmm, June. It’s April. I have three months. Three. My needles began to fly. Here’s what I have right now…

And this is what I’m currently knitting…

I’ll keep you posted as I continue the battle…
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