Thursday, November 17, 2011

Artisan Tour pictorial on Mayne Island

 Photographer:  Toby Snelgrove
I was so intimidated taking his picture.
Visit his web site and then you tell me why.

Native carver:  John Aitken
Do you remember when I featured Mayne Island's Honouring figure?
Well, John created it.
I know he's very talented--and nice. Okay, I'll stop there with the attributes or we'll be here all day.
I wish I could remember everyone's name.
Did I tell you I just had a birthday--and people tell me that it will get even harder to remember these important details. And you know...why
That, however, doesn't stop us from enjoying their creations.

Amber's colourful, one-of-a-kind hats--sure to chase away the winter blahs.
 Author:  Amber Harvey
Amber had a sale on her books--3 for $30
Disappointed you missed it.
No worries. She told me that she's going to continue the sale at the Craft show in Agricultural Society Hall on December 11th. Mark your calender.

 Wool producer:  Joyce Kallweit. Yup, I did say the magic word--wool. And her sheep make the good stuff. You better believe I have at least two skeins in my stash.
 Fibre artist:  Celia Leaman.
This is one of the times when I say "should". As in, I should have taken more pictures of Celia's table. She makes the most adorable felted seals and cowboy snowmen and... Well, you'll just have to see for yourself. She'll be at the Craft show on December 11th.
Where is that show again?
In the Ag Hall.
Yup, I know that's where you'll be.
Artist:  Debbie Boules
Yup, yeah, Christmas card--duh. I knew I need to buy something. I really hope she's at the craft show on December 11th.
Debbie? Do you hear me, Debbie?
 Barbara who makes the most delicious muffins
Colleen makes such beautiful earrings--especially this one pair. They are sparkly, white snowflakes. I'm still dreaming about them.
Colleen, are you doing anything on December 11th. Because if not you could...

Artist:  Terrill Welch
Whose new book I want to buy as a Christmas present.
Who am I going to give it to?
I'm not telling. It's a Christmas secret.
Hey, Terrill, do you have some for sale at your house or where can I buy a copy?
Do you think if I visited her website I'd find out?