Monday, January 17, 2011

Writing a word

Lately, The Sweater Curse has been demanding a lot of my time. Because I believe in the quality of this work, I've happily allowed it to fill my day.

Yesterday, however, my WIP (work in progress) demanded my attention.

Each writer creates in their own way.

Sometimes I write in free hand and fill several pages of a journal.

Other times, like yesterday, I work on the computer and dissect each chapter scene-by-scene, word-by-word. Reading over each scene, I add more and more detail so that the reader will be able to fully experience the story. As I read, I ask is the writing clear? Should a word be deleted or added? A paragraph? A scene? It's painstaking work. Progress is slow.

"How slow?" you ask.

Here's a month of work

December, 2010

day 17-- 21, 307 words

day 20--22,456 words

day 30--22,728 words

January, 2011

day 17--22,895 words

Slow--yes, but I will continue to write at my Muse's pace. It isn't about sped--it's about quality.

However, that said, one thing I hope to amend--divide my time equally between The Sweater Curse and my WIP. Obstacle: I don't like to empose restricts on my work.

Here is the last new sentence I added...

'My back slammed into the seat, my head fell onto the headrest, I stared at the ceiling as I mumbled a silent prayer--Please I don't want to die'