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Book Review: My Effin' Life by Geddy Lee (memoir)

Geddy Lee is an inviting, engaging and generous author. In My Effin' Life, he writes openly and honestly about his life and his music. I highly recommend this book to fledgling musicians and Rush fans.

My Effin' Life

Geddy Lee

co-authored by Daniel Richler


an imprint of Harper Collins Publishers



507 pages

As a teenager, I didn't listen to metal music. I was scared of the sound, the musicians, the fans. They seemed consumed by an uncontrollable rage. I ran away, hid away, afraid to be near them, fearful that rage would be directed at me. 


One day, my boyfriend (now husband) told me to "Listen to this."

The music was strange, unnerving...Metal

"I don't like--."

"Just keep listening."

I did and... And... "I like that song." and that one... and that one.

I sang along. I attended concerts. I became a Rush fan.

One day, my husband came into the living room carrying a book. "Leanne, you need to read this."

I can count my husband's book recommendations on the fingers of one hand. 

He gave me the book. It weighed a ton. "I don't read thick books. 200 to 300 that's about my range--ideally closer to 200. Thick books don't maintain my interest. And lately, I've been on a bit of a reading jag. I've started one book after another but haven't finished any. I'm afraid I won't do this book just--." I looked up. Byron was gone. He'd left the room.

I had a decision to make, I could leave the book on the end table, unread or hunt Byron down and give the book back or...

I opened the book and began to read... Correction, I didn't so much read this book as was led through it by foreshadowing such as...

'as I will show you in time" (p. 16) 

My Effin' Life is full of humour. I laughed out loud so many times. One of those times, my husband overheard me. "What's so funny?" I told him and he laughed too.

Geddy listed his early musical influences and many--who am I kidding--most of the names sailed right past me, but then he mentioned Paul Simon and Jonie Mitchell and, and... 

"there are certain words I sing in Rush in a very Bjork-like manner." (p. 100)

Bjork? That warmed this Icelandic-Canadian's heart.

Geddy lists his literary influences: John Wyndham and Ayn Rand

"The more influences one has that are then filtered through one's own personality, the more one ends up with a style and a sound that one can legitimately call one's own." (p. 212)

My Effin' Life is infused with wisdom...

"I used to advise my kids or pals whenever they were at a crossroads to just keep moving forward with positive energy, either you will find the answer or it will find you." (p. 503)

There's a lot in this book. Why not take it off the shelf and see what you find.

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