Sunday, January 26, 2020

Book Review: Empire of Wild by Cherie Dimaline (thriller, fantasy)

Empire of Wild by Cherie Dimaline is a cautionary folk tale about corporate greed for Aboriginal land.

Story question:  What challenges do Aboriginal men (and boys) face?

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Published by Random House Canada
a division of Penguin Random House Canada
Published in 2019

Struggling financially, Victor tells his wife Joan that he's going to sell some of their land. But the land is sacred to Joan and she refuses to let him. Victor storms out of the house and remains gone for a year. Where did he go? Did the rogarou get him?

What is a rogarou?
'They were men turned into beasts' (p. 190)
"He was the threat from a hundred stories by those old enough to remember the tales.' (p. 3)
How do you become a rogarou?
' "Being attached by a rogarou, mistreating women, betraying your people." ' (p. 69)
What does a rogarou do?
'the rogarou is doomed to eat the people, to wander the roads leading us into temptation.' (p. 221)
How do you defend yourself against a rogarou?
' "You put salt [bone] around your house and... no ragarou, can come in." (p. 147) 
The ace of spades ' "makes the rogarou weak, gives you a chance to get away to try to switch him back." ' (p. 76)
If you make a rogarou bleed he'll remember that he was a man and you may be able to switch him back.

Empire of Wild is an engaging story, cleverly written. One of the subplots doesn't end with the plot. This makes the story haunting as readers are left to resolve the subplot on their own. This also gives the author a way back into the story if she wishes to write a sequel. Which, you know, I'm hoping...

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January in BC has been full of rain.

Thoughts on a rainy day...

If we get any more rain, BC babies will be born with gills not noses

My boot heels sink into the soggy ground and sound like sloppy kisses.

Here's hoping the sun finds us in February.