Sunday, August 26, 2018

Lazy Bones (short story) by Leanne Dyck

Once upon a time, my husband and I met a self-made man. He told us how his family, how society saw him before he built his successful life. His story inspired this one...

photo by ldyck

She phoned her mother every week. Even though it wasn't always a pleasant conversation. 

"Doesn't he ever go to work?" 

No, he stays home. He’s writing a nov—.”

"What? All day? Doesn't he have any pride?"

They saw him in the middle of the day, in sweatpants, pushing a shopping cart from cereal boxes to milk cartons.

"What a life. He doesn't even work," one clerk said.

The other replied, "I'd do the same if I had a beautiful woman paying my way. Have you seen his wife?"

Light leaked under the study door, down the hall, and into the bedroom. She pushed back the covers. Barefeet on cold tile, she opened the study door. "Are you still up?"

"Sorry. Did the light wake you? I'm almost finished writing this chapter."

She went back to bed. He joined her two hours later.

Month after month, year after year, until he told his wife, "Let's go for a drive."

She followed him to the car.

He drove them to the expensive part of town. She had no idea why. They came to the house she'd always drooled over. He pulled into the driveway and handed her the keys. This morning I received a contract for my novel. Soon I’ll buy this house for us, for you.”

photo by ldyck

September on this blog

September 2:  I wrote an essay to celebrate Labour Day
September 9:  I wrote a short story--Magdalene College's bell tower--to celebrate those returning to school 
September 16:  Book review:  
The Shoe on the Roof by Will Ferguson
Thomas is flunking out of university, but don't worry he has a plan--or at least an experiment. 
September 23:  In Icelandic (short story) was inspired by something my grandma witnessed on a bus.

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Sharing my author journey...

Fun and games are over. It's time to stand up and be accountable.
Exactly what did I accomplish this spring and summer--historically the most industrial half of the year, for me.


Just joking.

Spring cleaning computer files
Estimated completion date:  Saturday, September 22

Progress on summer writing

Writing for adults
Planned:  2 short story collections
1 short novel
Written:  2 short novels
Writing:  2 short novel
2 short story collections
Estimated completion date:  Saturday, September 22

Picture books
Planned:  3
Written: 9
Writing:  2
Estimated completion date:  
1 by Saturday, September 22
1 sometime in 2019

Middle-grade books
Planned:  1 novel
1 non-fiction book
Writing:  1 novel
the non-fiction book might be a YA, not an MG
Estimated completion date:  sometime in 2019