Saturday, July 1, 2017

In Support of Canadian Publishing (list) by Leanne Dyck

How readers and writers can keep Canada in books.

What can you do to keep that maple leaf waving?


-set your stories in Canadian places
sea to sea to sea
We have 10 beautiful provinces and 3 amazing territories. The world wants to hear about them. Let's tell our stories.
Your Canada:  Geography

-use Canadian words like "skookum" and "toque"
-use Canadian terms like "keep your stick on the ice"

-use Canadian spelling "tire" and "neighbourhood"
Canadian, British and American spelling

-what's it like to be disabled in Canada--a visual minority, an ethnic minority, a person of faith, gay, straight, an angry old white guy? Tell your story. Your fellow Canadians want to hear it.
Government of Canada
Country Guides:  Canada

-give your characters Canadian names
Canadian baby names that show off your national pride
Top 100 baby names in Canada for 2016


-buy books written/published in Canada

-support Canadian authors by attending author readings and visiting author websites
The Writers' Union of Canada:  Member Directory

-review Canadian books

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