Monday, February 10, 2014

How to propel your author career by Leanne Dyck

Kinematics...kinetics...analytical dynamics...dynamics explains 'how and why things move in the ways they do....There are numerous practical applications for kinetics' -wiseGeek

And because I'm not a scientist, I feel free to use it how ever I wish. In fact, I think I'll use it to describe building a successful author career. 

Theory:  my writing career is fed on positive energy. The more I create the farther I can go.

Testing this theory:  This week I'm creating positive energy by...

Monday, February 10th
Being published:  Have you heard about Sonia Marsh and her 'My Gutsy Story' Anthology?
Well, I did because Laurie Buchanan--yes that Laurie--told me about it. And I voted for her. 
Yes, voted.
I'll get into that. 
Sonia Marsh writes about her Gutsy contest: 'Every Monday, we shall feature a short story on "Gutsy Living" about something Gutsy you have done in your life'
I wrote a gusty story--Oh, yes, I can--and Sonia has published it on her blog.
You can help:  by reading my story

Wednesday, February 12th
Reading my writing:  at the Canadian Authors Association Open Mic Nights.
Readings are limited to 3 minutes. So it will be fast paced and fun.
You can help:  by listening to me
Address:  Alliance for Arts 100-938 Howe Street, Vancouver, B.C.
Time:  7:00 to 9:00 p.m. [doors open at 6:45 p.m.]
Note:  This is the first time I'll be reading in Vancouver. It would be so nice to have people cheering for me. : )

This entire week...
Keeping my pen moving:  I'll continue to work on revisions and work on a short story.
You can help:  By being here. It really helps to have some one to be accountable to. Please know that I appreciate you.


Friday, February 21st to Sunday, February 23rd
Attending literary festivals:  There are two literary festivals during the last weekend in February:  Galiano Literary Festival on Galiano Island and WordsThaw in the University of Victoria on Vancouver Island.
Last year, I attended Galiano Literary Festival and walked away inspired.
This year... Well, this year I'd like to be able to split myself in half. But I think that might be painful. So I was forced to choose. I'll be attending WordsThaw.
You can help:  I'd like to support both of these fine festival. So here's my idea:  half of you attend the Galiano Literary Festival and the other half attend WordsThaw. Sound like a plan?
Here's an article about WordsThaw
Here's my review of the Galiano Literary Festival
Don't worry if you can't follow through on our plan. I'll share my adventure at WordsThaw on February 24th.
Next post:  Interview with Sheila Johnston
I meet Sheila Johnston at Words Vancouver. Here's a little more about that. (After clicking the link, please stroll down to Pauline Johnson--A Vancouver Legend with Shelia)