Thursday, January 17, 2013

Are you called to write? by Leanne Dyck

Are you called to write?

I’ve been a storyteller since childhood. In elementary school, one of my poems was published in the school newspaper—one of my short stories in the community newspaper. I’ve continued to write throughout my life.

What is stopping you from doing it?

It’s always been my dream to be an author. But I’m dyslexic. So, I told myself, how can I be a writer when I can’t even spell?

I’m still waiting for that large ‘Monty Python’ foot to stomp on my dream.

What keeps my dream alive?

Fine examples such as Jules Verne, John Irving and Agatha Christie. Prolific authors who used their fertile, creative, dyslexic minds to spin a lifetime of stories.

How can I give up when they never did?