Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My life on stage by Leanne Dyck

An actress? Me? Um, not! Or at least that's what I thought before I encountered Mayne Island Little Theatre. After that meeting, I was never the same. MILT taught me to step outside my comfort zone and have fun doing it--mostly.

My acting career was brief, varied, and coloured by many happy memories. 
Choosing from them proved to be a challenge.

My first part was in a tribute to Monty Python--a monk in The Holy Grail. My role as a monk was easy. All that was required of me was to walk across the stage chanting and hitting myself in the head with a piece of foam. Oh, yes and the tricky part--do this in sync with others. Well, this tricky part proved to be too tricky for me. I thought I'd never get it right. I did eventually manage to reach this goal once during a rehearsal. 

You can't imagine my relief when Carol McAndrew (the play's director) said, "No, I think it's funnier when you're not in sync."

So now when I must prepare for an author reading memories of my brief time with MILT are my ace in the hole.