Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Finding a pool of creativity by Leanne Dyck

Someone once said, "If I knew where great ideas come from, I'd go there more often." I have yet to solve this mystery. However, I know who is responsible for all of my great ideas--my muse.

My muse is of me, but outside of me. She is linked to the global, eternal wealth of creativity. To nurture her, I must take proper care of myself.

Discipline: I must have structure in my life. So, I keep regular business hours and am open to creativity 24/7. 

Stimulation: I fill my life with the work of others--books, art, music. This inclusion allows my muse to dance.

Concentration: I must be able to focus. In order to do this, I need to control stress factors in my environment. So, I take care of my health and my relationships. 

Enjoyment: I have learned that my muse works the hardest when I am happy. So, in my life, I make room for the positive--through my actions and my thoughts.

Responsive: I listen closely to my muse's call. Whether she calls in the morning, noon, or night I'm ready. Pens and paper are always (usually) easily accessible.

How do you draw from the creative pool?