Thursday, June 13, 2013

Secrets of Successful blogging by Leanne Dyck

Tips collected over a lifetime--at least eleven (or is it sixteen?)years--spent blogging. Secrets shared with you...

Be genuine

Readers want to get to know you. That’s why they visit your blog. So welcome them in. But give careful thought as to what you will share about your life and what you wouldn’t. Where will you draw the line?

Add value

Offer your readers something of value--on this blog, I review books and share my short stories. 

Be supportive
To receive support, offer support. Find valuable online content and share it. Acknowledge and express thanks when your content is shared.

Be predictable

Are you old enough to remember, ‘Same Bat-time, same Bat-channel’?
Did you faithfully tune in?
The same thing can happen for your blog.
I publish a new short story OR book review every Sunday evening (between 4:40 and 5:00 PM PST)

Be positive

The biggest secret of my success is that I have fun blogging. Positivity attracts--negativity repels. Make your blog a fun place and others will find you there. 

Sharing My Author Journey...

Revision is the word that dominated this week. Some authors detest working on revisions. Me? I reveal in it. It's a chance to see how much my writing has improved. And I'm impressed with my progress.
Today I woke up with a cool idea for a non-fiction book. Will this cool idea become reality? Time will tell. : )