Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My life on stage

You may have noticed that this week's posts are late--appearing after 9:00 a.m.
I've been attacked and have fallen victim to the flu bug. Being sick is no fun. Especially when it means you have to miss a party.
Last Saturday, Mayne Island Little Theatre celebrated its 30th anniversary. Yup, this merry acting troop has been presenting plays on Mayne Island for thirty years. They planned to commemorate this achievement with a night of fun--sharing memories, dancing and delicious food. I was asked, and looked forward to, sharing my memories. I spent hours writing a speak--and was delighted by the result. Sadly, due to the flue, I was unable to participate.
I wasn't sad for long, for I thought--I'll share it with my blog readers


An actress? Me? Um, not! Or at least that's what I thought before I encountered Mayne Island Little Theatre. After that meeting I was never the same. MILT taught me to step outside my comfort zone and have fun doing it--mostly.
My acting career was brief, varied and coloured by many happy memories. Choosing from them proved to be a challenge.
My role as a monk was easy. All that was required of me was to walk across the stage chanting and hitting myself in the head with a piece of foam. Oh, yes and the tricky part--do this in sync with others. Well, this tricky part proved to be too tricky for me. I thought I'd never get it right. I did eventually manage to reach this goal once during a rehearsal. You can't imagine my relief when Carol McAndrew (the play's director) said, "No, I think it's funnier when you're not in sync."
The actor who was playing Charles was already on stage, reading the paper. I entered looking every bit the pregnant wife.
"Charles," I said rubbing my swollen tummy. "I'm having a baby."
"Penelope, it's a balloon."
"It's a baby."
"It's a balloon."
This debate continued until Charles stood, pin in hand, walked over to me and burst my balloon.
"Prick!" I roared and the audience howled with laughter. (on the island I'm known to be shy and reserved--or at least I was then)
Thank you MILT and may you have at least 30 more.


creativepotager said...

Oh Leanne I am so sorry you are sick but I am also delighted that I got read your speech. What a great time you share about. Hope you are feeling better soon.

holessence said...

Leanne - You turned lemons into lemonade, and shared your speech with us here. Feel better soon!

The Sweater Curse said...

Hi Creativepotager,
Yes, it was a wonderful initiation into life on a delightful island.
Thank you for the well wishes.

The Sweater Curse said...

Hi Holessence,
Thank you for being there so I could share it. Health--is my goal. : )