Monday, May 23, 2011

Knitting: never fail guide to proper patch pocket placement by Leanne Dyck

I don't have a straight eye. There I said it. It's out. I feel much better. Usually, this defeat doesn't present any problems. Usually--not always. One of the times it does is when I what to add a patch pocket to a sweater I'm knitting. Packet pockets are added after the sweater is knit. There is nothing to indicate where the pocket should go. The advance of this is that you are fear to add the pocket where ever you think it should go. The disadvantage is that your pocket could be sewn on crooked. For me, with my defeat, this "crookedness" is an ever present danger. What to do? What I did was invent a sure fire system that gives me straight patch pockets each and ever time. From me to you, here it is... This example is on a cardigan. I knit the sides of the cardigan in Stockinette stitch--except for a rectangular of reverse Stockinette stitch.

This reverse Stockinette stitch indicates where the patch pocket will be placed.

I measure the rectangular and knit the pocket to fit.

I pin the pocket in place.
Please note the ribbing on the pocket extends beyond the reverse Stockinette stitch on the cardigan.

All that's left to is sew the pocket on.

There you have it--a properly placed patch pocket.

Clever. Yes?
Happy knitting