Sunday, May 8, 2011

Short Story: Childless by Leanne Dyck



Ben leaves his mom and runs to me, eager to start his day in day care. "Hi, Ben. I missed you." We share a hug.

"How many children do you have?" His mother asks.

"Oh, me? No, I don't have any. I'm not a mom," I confess.

"Too bad, you'll never know what it's like to love a child."

Her words pierce my heart. I feel numb, faint, cold, blind to light. My womb aches to be filled with life, my breasts with milk.

A boulder grows thick and heavy in my gut. Each time I hear a baby coo, giggle, or cry the rough edges of the boulder scarp against my stomach lining and I'm in pain.

How can I pass from virgin to crone without filling the role of mother?


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Rebecca Royce said...

You just brought tears to my eyes. And what a terrible woman to say that to her!

Carolyn Rosewood said...


Gayle said...

Whata cow that woman was to say such a thing!

Great six, nonetheless. :)

JoAnne Kenrick said...

way to tug at heart strings with such few sentences! Nice excerpt :)

The Sweater Curse said...

Thank you all for your kind support

Anonymous said...

My editor says that each page should elicit emotion and either make you cry, laugh, or get royally pissed off. You hit two of the three here with me.

The Sweater Curse said...

Thank you, Laurie.
Possibly it is the 3rd which is the hardest to elicit.