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When Gwen Knits-a journey to fame and fortune by Leanne Dyck (Ch 14)

Chapter Thirteen: Gwen visits her boyfriend Jaron's work and meets some of his friends--including Lulu Bell. 

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 Chapter Fourteen 

I used the email address on the card and contacted Reginald, suggesting a quiet booth in The Starving Artist. He wrote back stating his preference for a room in our local library. I arrived five minutes early; he was waiting for me. Reginald Westman was polite, shy and reserved. He was Lulu Bell without the pizzazz, without the breasts. “Have you considered a name for your online boutique, Ms. Gwen?”

“Yes, Gwen Knits.”

“Sorry, no. I'm afraid that won't work. Any combination of 'Gwen' and 'knitting' is already taken.” He mainly looked down at the floor or his hands—rubbing them together—as he spoke, a nervous tick. “You could try to buy the rights, but it's been my experience that doing so is cost-prohibited. Take your time, I know you'll come up with the perfect name, Ms. Gwen.”

“How much do you charge?”

This was the first time I saw him become animated, he waved his hands. “Payment isn't necessary. Jaron is an old friend.”

 “But I have to give you something.”

“I'm happy to barter, Ms. Gwen--a sweater for a website.”

That sounded like the perfect deal to me, so I readily agreed.

All the way home, I tried to come up with a name for my website. Sweaters by Design—lame. Sweater Bliss—too plain. I even thought of using prjona (knitting in Icelandic). But rejected the idea when I considered how many potential customers could read, pronounce or remember it.

Jaron's nose was in a paperback when I walked into his apartment. I waited for him to flip a page and look up before asking for his help.

“The Fibre Artist's Sweater Shop.” Popped out of his mouth and I thought, that's it, the perfect--. Except, "I think it may be too long."


"It's too long."

"Too long? Okay... How about Sweaters by Gwen Bjarnson."

Sweaters by Gwen Bjarnson sounded like a website for a knitwear designer. It took me more than a few minutes to wrap my mind around the idea that was who I was. I took another step on the way to establishing my career.

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