Sunday, May 24, 2020

Discovery (short story/fantasy) by Leanne Dyck

CVOID 19. Corona virus. CVOID 19. Too early on March 30, my muse danced to the beat of this words. And this short story leaked out of my pen...

photo by ldyck


In a deep cave, they found the...being--prone on the floor, chains around its eight legs. They consulted translator after translator and were finally able to read the weathered sign that stood outside the cell. "Caution. Do not wake." 

Despite the beings eight legs and enormous puppy-dog eyes, it looked strangely humanoid and authorities began to think that interaction and perhaps some type of communication might be possible.

They sent the translator with a doctor. As the two approached, the being retreated in the only way it could--by shutting its eyelids. 

"We won't hurt you." The translator told it. "We're here to help." The words seemed to calm the being and they released it from the chains.

Aided by the translator, the doctor began to examine the being's throat, ears, e--.

"No! Don't! Please, don't shine the light into my left eye," was the translation.

But it was too late. Something had switched in the being's brain. And, no longer contained, it began to kill.


Let's Not Go Back by Cheryl Oreglia

12 Classic Novels Coronavirus Lockdown Would Have Absolutely Ruined by Stephen Carlick

Next Sunday Evening... 

Book Review 

Ethan Frome by Edith Wharton was assigned reading in junior high (middle school). I read it again, just recently. What did I think? How has my impression of the book changed--has it changed?
I will reveal all next Sunday.

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Much thanks to the Mayne Island Quilters Association and Days for Girls for making the lovely and useful masks available free for all Mayne Islanders. 


I've been trying to find my next read. Or as I call it auditioning authors. I grabbed two books from my overloaded bookshelf and flipped to the first page. But...

It wasn't all bad. The experience led me to write this story...


"They told me you had a story you wanted to tell me. No, keep talking I'm trying to understand. It's just that I'm having trouble following you. Maybe if you helped me out a little. Oh, yes, you're very clever. Too clever, perhaps. And it doesn't help. I'm so sorry. I'm sure there's someone else you can tell your tale to. But I'm afraid it's not me."  And I say good-bye to the author and close the book.

(Written at 10:28 PM on May 10th, 2020)