Monday, July 18, 2011

What am I knitting?

I have been knitting. Oh, yes I have. I just haven't been finishing.
I started knitting with this lovely yarn.

It's a blend of acrylic and linen.

It will eventually be this...

only with a few changes which I look forward to sharing with you.

I'm knitting this to wear to an island wedding this August.

When the weather grew colder I rethought my outfit and started knitting with this beautiful yarn...

I love this shade of red and it will become...

(Do you recognize this top?) However, I'm altering the pattern as I want a cardigan. I had to stop working on this project when I received a phone call.

I sent 8 baby sweater sets (sweater, hat and finger puppet) to ArtCraft (a seasonal gallery on a sister island). Last Friday they phoned with good news. "We've sold all but two of the sets. Do you have more?"

My response, "No, I don't but I will have."

I've been speed knitting ever since. This morning I finished this...

When this post is live, I'll cast on stitches for another sweater. I'm hoping to finish three sweater sets by the end of July. Please wish me clear sailing. : )


While I'm busy...
Here's a
link to tons of craft resource sites.