Sunday, October 31, 2021

Eyes and Skull (2 horror stories) by Leanne Dyck

Celebrate the dark nights that stretch out before us with two (or more) horror stories.

Eyes is a haunted house story.

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My brother and I stayed too long at the neighbours. Night like a heavy black cloak conceals all light but the single cat scratch moon and pinprick stars. 

"I know a shortcut." My brother leads me through the woods, but we're not supposed to go this way. 

But if I don't follow him, I'll be on my own--without the flashlight. I follow him.

There's nothing around for miles, but now I see...

Grass, bush chokes the house. It's caving into the soil.

What's that? In the window... What is...? Who is...?

Struggling to catch up to my brother, I ask, "Who lives in that--?"

 The way he looks at me--I know when to keep quiet. He starts to run. We don't stop running until home is in view. 

Breathless, we collapse onto the grass. When I can speak, I ask again. 

My brother says, "No one lives there. Not any more. Not for twenty years."

I gulp.

 "But you saw something, didn't you?"

  "There, there was, was something, someone in the window."  

 He holds the flashlight under his chin. "Some say it was a broken heart. Others insanity. But all agree, he killed himself in that house. They found him dead--throat cut, eyes missing. His body was hauled out, but his ghost is still there." My brother's voice falls to a whisper. "Never tell anyone that you saw him. If you do, he'll take your eyes."

Pumpkin by a neighbour
photo by ldyck

 In Skull a monster speaks.


When I was but a lad, I was given a special gift, a talent, really. Look into people's eyes, I could, to read their minds. I could hear their thoughts, hear them sing...

Rap, rap, rap/Let my ghost out

Crack open my skull/And let my ghost out

So I may travel, hither and yon/So I may float like a cloud/so I can see distant lands

Rap, rap, rap/Let my ghost out

Hear, I never had no choice. I had to help them. Had to.


Made and modeled by Leanne Dyck

circa 1980s

More short stories...

I enjoyed listening to Clive Barker's The Forbidden--which became the horror movie The Candyman. 

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"On Halloween, if you hear a knock, don't open the door.

Just look at who could be on the other side..."

Yes, this is me--the one who answered the door.

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