Thursday, April 25, 2013

How I cope with the doubts.

Sarah Callender wrote this excellent article Getting Comfy with the Discomfort for the Writer Unboxed blog. At the end of the article, Sarah asked, How do you cope with times of doubt, with The Doubts and their very loud parties?
How do I?
Well, I was inspired. And started to write a reply. It didn't take me long to realize that what I was writing was too big to be a comment. It was, in fact, this post...

How do I cope with the doubt

What helps me is knowing that the only person who can end my writing career is me. As long as I keep reaching for my goal I will obtain it.

What helps me is knowing that my future success will be worth the wait. I know I will succeed so what I'm experiencing is the build up to the amazing climax.

What helps me is knowing that I need to develop, I need to mature before I experience life changing success. Waiting time helps me gain insight into how I will cope with the change.

What helps me is knowing that the Doubters are no match for me. Throughout my life I've had to work hard to overcome obstacles. So I know when I set my mind on a goal I can obtain it. It's only a matter of time...

Every writer should try their hand at poetry.
Poetry teaches you how to paint a picture with words. 
Poetry teaches you to cut out the fatty words.
Poetry teaches you...
A poet teaches you...
So You Want To Be A Writer by Charles Bukowski

Book launches...

E. R. Brown's new book Almost Criminal

Early reviews...
Rick Mofina (bestselling author of the Reed and Sydowski series):
E.R.Brown hits it out of the park – great characters and storytelling evocative of Elmore Leonard.

Robin Spano (author of the Clare Vengel Undercover series of novels):
ALMOST CRIMINAL is a wildly fun read. The concept is original, characters are vivid and fleshed-out, and the story surprised me at each turn, with its unlikely teen hero turning conventional morals upside down. E.R. Brown is an exciting addition to the Canadian crime scene.

visit E. R. Brown's website for more information.

Three Mayne Island children's authors...
Helen O'Brian , Lael Whitehead and Debbie Boules
are celebrating their new books
Saturday, April 27th
Agricultural Society Hall
4:30 pm
See you there


Tam Francis said...

LOVE Bukowski. Love poetry. I think poetry boils things down to its essence in the least amount of words! I wrote a poem called Plucking Bukowski. Thanks for sharing how you deal with your doubts.

Leanne Dyck said...

Thank you for your comment, Tam