Friday, February 1, 2013

Guest Post Author Donna Shepherd

Ava’s Secret Tea Party


Has your child dreamed of meeting Tooth Fairy, Santa, Sandman, or Easter Bunny? Ava wants to invite them to tea, but how? The answer lies with one special character who knows them ALL! In the style of classic fairy tales, Donna Shepherd has written "Ava's Secret Tea Party." Enjoy the tale, look for hidden teacups and chocolate chip cookies in the Bella Sinclair’s sweet illustrations, and have fun making the recipes and crafts included in the book!

How/why did you start to write?

I started writing devotionals and inspirational articles in 2003. One day a silly poem came to mind, and then another. I started submitting and had several poems published in places like Wee Ones and Guideposts for Kids. I joined a couple of critique groups and began my journey into writing picture books, Hidden Pictures Publishing released my first book for children, Topsy Turvy Land in 2005.

What inspires you?

I thank God every day for the joy of writing, and for allowing me the pleasure of seeing my words come to life with the help of many talented illustrators. Each time I finish a book or article or poem, I think I don’t have one more idea, but sure enough, the ideas come. I’m inspired by a picture, a phrase, something I hear a child say, and in so many other unexpected ways. I love writing for both children and grownups, and feel it’s a blessing to write. And as a children's writer, sometimes I'm really blessed, and the words I write are illustrated with wonderful, whimsical, beautiful pictures.

Please share one of your successful author platform building techniques.

I teach a workshop called “The Seven Planks of Your Platform.” I stress that it’s not enough to simply toot your own horn, but to offer to those with whom you connect something of value. Help someone. Offer freebies. Be generous with advice. Then you’ve earned trust and the credibility to offer something to buy.

Parting words

I hope everyone will visit the blog for my latest book at A Secret Party where you will find coloring pages, puzzles, more recipes, and of course, information on how you can purchase your own copy of Ava’s Secret Tea Party

On the Facebook Fan Page, I post helpful information, tips, links to freebies, and updates about my books for children and grownups. 

Thanks so much! 

Thank you for visiting with us, Donna.