Thursday, September 20, 2012

#Social-networking Q and A

...or how to share your creations with the world...

(I'm a fiction author so I invented a fictional character to ask me some real questions about social networking. No, I'm seldom if ever lonely. My answers developed and shaped from seven years of experience.) 

Question:  There are so many ways to be connected over the Web. It boggles the mind. Do I have to use them all?
Answers:  No, pick a few that work for you and that you like to use.
I blog and promote my posts through twitter and Google+. 
(I connect with friends and family through facebook.)
Twitter ID:  lustfulgraces
Google+:  Author Leanne Dyck

Question:  How do I know it's working?
Answer:  Statics. For example, since October 10, 2010 this blog has received over 35,000 page views. For me, my combination of blogging, twitter and Google+ is working.

Question:  Are there other ways to determine if social networking is working?
Answer:  Yes, absolutely, but page views is what I'm focusing on right now.

Question:  How does this blogging work? I set-up my blog a few months before my book is published. Blog 'buy-my-book, buy-my-book' like crazy. Then a few months later stop.
Answer:  Hmm, no. I blog on a regular bases over an extended period of time. Offer quality posts. Build a community with your readers and with your fellow authors.

Question:  But I hate to blog because it takes so much time away from my writing.
Answer:  I use blogging as a means of sharpening my writing skills.

Question:  How has your blogging changed over the seven years?
Answer:  I created my first blog--Designer's Note--in 2005 as a way to attract surfers to my knitwear design web site. I continued to blog as a way of being accountable for writing daily. Now I blog to promote my creations and to celebrate your creativity.
To summarize, in the beginning I thought it was all about me. Now I know it's about building a community.

Question:  What do you do if you run out of things to blog about?
Answer:  -post a photo
-post your old writing (i.e. short stories, essays, articles, etc.)
-gain inspiration from other blogs

Question:  So you did everything right?
Answer:  Nope. I wish. And I do wish I'd...

For more information about social networking, follow this link 


Laurie Buchanan said...

"It's all about building community."

Amen, siSTAR!

Author Leanne Dyck said...

: ) Thank you, Laurie. You lead by example.