Monday, March 7, 2011

Basic knitting tutorial

How I knit
While I knit and purl, the knitting needle in my right hand does all the work so I call it the working needle. The knitting needle in my left hand simply carries the stitches so I call it the carrier.
1. Put the tip of the working needle through the centre of the old stitch.

2. Wrap the yarn around the working needle.

3. Pull the yarn through the old stitch. Then pull the stitch off the carrier needle. Eventually all the stitches will be transferred from the carrier needle onto the working needle as the working needle becomes the carrier and the carrier becomes the working needle.
(Information taken from my learn-to-knit/pattern book Yarn Therapy--exclusively available on Mayne Island. I will write more about this in future posts.)
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*This Friday I will be attending a Writers' Union of Canada workshop. I'm excited not only for the opportunity to learn, but also to network. True, being an introvert, social interactions are challenging--but I'm preparing to step outside my comfort zone. If you too find networking a challenge, you'll be interested to read erotic author Deanna Wadsworth's three part post on Networking. Read part one here
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A new sentence added: Moved by the music, I raised my arms to twirl and whacked someone in the back.

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