Thursday, November 14, 2013


Years ago, when I was young, a man visited with his puppy. She was so beautiful with bright blue eyes and a glossy coat. My heart leapt. But my dogs bared their teeth and growled. Clearly they hated her. And I wondered why. My dogs were sent outside--I played with the pup inside. It was only after the puppy and the man left that I learnt that I had played with a wolf. A. Wolf. The man, a hunter, had found her abandoned in the woods. Knowing that she was too young to survive without him, he rescued her.
Memories of that day ran through my mind as I read this.
Something special just arrived in my email inbox...

Celebration of Music and Literature on Salt Spring Island
Saturday, November 16th
at Mahon Hall

'The day includes two cello performances, student poet performances, play readings, book readings as well as book art.'

10:00h Doors open
10:30h Readers' Theatre--Playlette and skits/riffs..come for the unexpected
13:30h GISS students will raise the roof with some of their original and favourite poems. Then-GISS Improv Team will bring the house down
14:30h George Sipos -- the art of poetry--poem readings
15:45h Improv story telling with Chris Humphries
16:45h Michael Kevin Jones -- cello concert/interlude
19:00h Arthur Black Reading & Question/Answer period
20:00h Michael Kevin Jones -- cello concert/interlude
21:30h Doors close

To add to your enjoyment -- there will be an extraordinary exhibit of handmade books and book art to peruse at your leisure.

This event coincides with Salt Spring Literacy's Giant November Book Sale.
Sharing my author journey...
I've started working on book three of the Lyndi Wimpel series. Book one--A Long Way From Her--is spun around Lyndi's experiences as a government-run youth group participant.
Book two--All Alone In Her Head--is a novel told in short stories.
Book three picks up where Book two left off.
I'm having tons of fun with this series. 
But I'm also planning to do more submitting--especially of my short stories to literary journals, and maybe to writing contests. I need to do more dancing between writing and submitting, not just write.
Next post:  Please welcome Alix Ohlin author of Inside


Laurie Buchanan said...

Wow! On so many levels here WOW!

Leanne Dyck said...

: ) Thank you for your comment and support, Laurie.