Thursday, November 21, 2013

Canadian Authors Association by Leanne Dyck

On Wednesday, November 13th I sailed from my island home—Mayne Island—to attend a Canadian Authors Association meeting. As this was my first meeting, I wasn’t sure what to expect. And I was pleasantly surprised. My pen flew across the paper, taking notes, as the panel of executives generously shared their favourite writing tips.

'-No matter what your writing style, get a professional editor to review your work to help you say what you mean
-Organize your research and compose an original style of presenting your information
-Observe and analyze daily events that present magical moments
-Use proper grammar and strengthen your verbs
-Be consistent in your writing habits
-Know about the field and offer something that will capture the reader in that particular field. Humour and things that uplift and support the individual industry are welcome.
-Ignore your internal critic, and write anyway, because you have a story to tell.
-Reading your material out loud is the best way to get a feel for your story.
-Belong to a Writing Circle.
-A writer helping other writers—share your wisdom and support other writers
-Make your writing a business.'
quoted from the handout.

I highly recommended that all writers attended these meetings.

'Canadian Authors Vancouver holds monthly meetings on a variety of topics, all to do with aspects of writing. The public is welcome.' -quoted from News You Can Use

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