Thursday, September 19, 2013

Raving about Almost Criminal by ER Brown

About the protagonist:  Tate is a drift. To a large degree, life happens to him. He doesn't have a plan. Due to his intellect, he was sped through school. His mom brought him to nowheresville--Wallace, BC.
But he's not without responsibilities:  he's the family bread-winner. And is devoted to his ailing mother and younger sister.
He's just not invested in life. He has potential but no drive. I want more for him; I want to shake him awake. And in chapter four, he does wake up... But is he ready?

Favourite quotes...
'Isn't that a lot of weed for an apartment grow? Or is that normal?" Rachel asked, as I closed the passenger door. The truck was crammed with ripe green weed, and I was certain we'd leave a scent trail wafting behind everywhere we drove.
"It's not one apartment, it's the entire building. Look around, the garage is empty. Nobody lives here but the caretakers. It's a factory, hoses and lights and fans on every floor. The elevator shaft's been turned into ventilation, blowing the smell up to the top floor and out over the lake." ' (p. 105)

'By now, I knew what to look for in a grow op, and this had it all. A welding shop was perfect:  it would be wired for plenty of power and had an excuse to use it. It was out of the way and a little shabby, and there was privacy down near the docks, especially evenings and weekends. The road was wide enough for trucks, there was easy access to the highway, and who knew there might even be a wharf in the rear, where a boat could load up and head downriver. This was the kind of place I'd choose for my grow.' (p. 162)

'420 is not:
-a police code for marijuana
-the misdemeanour code for pot
-the number of active chemicals in a pot plant
-a biblical reference
420 is:
A sacred phrase! For a group of high-school friends in San Rafael, CA, called the Waldos, 4:20 pm was toking time at the statue of Louis Pasteur. The password:  420 Louis.' (p. 214)

About the subject:  I moved to Mayne Island fourteen years ago. Back then, when I mentioned my move, more than once I heard, "Remember don't breathe in too deeply." Implying... Um, yeah, well...
The marijuana culture is everywhere in Canada--rural, urban. You just need to know where to look and who to ask. Clearly, E.R. Brown found a source. 
Where? Who? How? E.R. Brown will be here tomorrow to explain.
Sharing my author journey...
Work in progress:  Alone In Her Head
Sequel to Along Way From Her
Word Goal:  50,000 words
Current Word Count:  50,774 words
I think I know what you're thinking, Congratulations, Leanne, you've made your goal--actually you've exceed it.
But please don't congratulate me, yet.
You see, the last chapters of this manuscript are like a spare bedroom. There's a lot of stuff stored in there. Some of it I'm sure I don't need. So my task is to divide it in to two bins:  keep and give-away. And, believe it or not, there are still scenes I need to add. So, to summarize, I ain't done yet. But I'm still having fun. And that, after all, is the main thing.
Keep smiling : )
Next post:  Marc Emery and me, or 
How do you research a subject like grow-ops, when you don't smoke weed? by E.R. Brown

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