Monday, August 5, 2013

Magazine Launch by Leanne Dyck (installment 4)

This Summer my husband and I are transforming our front and back yard from an abandoned jungle to...a...well...I'll show you instead of tell you. Today here's my back yard.
 I spent three days weeding this section of my back yard.

 Then my husband, Byron, used a tapper to level out the yard. 
When we're done, I'll use this section of the back yard to do Tai Chi. After several years I'm still very much a beginner. But I really enjoy this mindful exercise. (And for a dyslexic, the sequencing is especially challenging.) In the meantime, in between time, we continue to work...
My summer project:  to collect my previously traditionally published writing and re-publish it here on this blog.

And I'm planning on re-publishing my short story 'Because She Believed In Me'. But I'm also offering you a little bit more--the behind the scenes look at the life of an author, the behind the scenes look at the life of this author. You could look at it as the story behind the story. Four years ago, in 2009, my husband and I left Mayne Island to attend a magazine launch in Victoria so that I could read 'Because She Believed In Me'. True facts--invented details.

Magazine Launch (installment 4)

I read the clock on the dashboard. 7:30. “We’re too early.”
            “Wow. I wonder how that happened?”
            I knew he was mocking me—and I wasn’t amused, but I didn’t want to start a fight. “Maybe we should turn around and—”
            “No, I don’t think so.” I followed him into the building. Plank floor. Pump organ. Stripped banners. The place looked like a Second World War dance-hall  Two twenty-something women stood in the corner by the organ talking. Their clothes had a funky style with accents of vintage. Byron nudged me toward them. They stopped talking; one of them smiled at me.
            “Hello, I’m Leanne Dyck.” I waited for them to recognize my name. When they didn’t, I explained, “I’m one of the authors who’ll be reading their stories tonight.”
            “Oh, it doesn’t start until 8 o’clock.”
            “Yes, I know. Do you mind if we wait here?”
            They shared a look. “No, we don’t mind. But you’d probably be more comfortable waiting at one of the local pubs.” They aimed us in the right direction; and we left.
            We stood on the sidewalk, looked across the street at a pub. It was the first one we’d found. A long line of people blocked the door.
            “Let’s try somewhere else,” Byron said.
            Pub after pub, it was the same story—door blocked by too many waiting people.
            “We could just push our way in,” I said.
            Byron looked at me like I’d suddenly grown two heads. “Let’s check out the shops,” he said and led me into a music store. Black walls. Red lights. Devil heads. Everyone dressed in leather. Byron was drawn to crates of L.P.s in the middle of the store. In a corner, I found a small display of clothing. Hey, those look like the black leather high tops I used to own. I wonder how much they—I knelt to inspect them more closely. Someone touched me. I jumped, turned—Byron.
            “It’s all heavy metal,” he whispered. We left.
            We couldn’t drink; we could shop; we were running out of options.
            “Let’s check out the neighbourhood,” Byron said.
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Laurie Buchanan said...

Leanne - I applaud that you've created designated space for Tai Chi. My hat is off to YOU!

I do yoga and tai chi - trading back and forth between them: one morning yoga, the next tai chi, and so on.

Leanne Dyck said...

Thank you for your comment, Laurie. I take both Yoga and Tai chi classes. And I hope to incorporate both exercises in my practice, eventually. But as I am relatively new to Yoga I need a instructor to guide me--right now. Good luck with your practice.