Thursday, May 3, 2012

#reading: discussing Sleeping Tigers; #writersworkshop

Jordan O’Malley, a breast cancer survivor, is far less concerned about her own future and much more interested in cleaning up the mess her little brother, Cam, has left in his wake. Cam has checked out of life—shrugging all responsibilities, including his baby daughter.


Jordan seems less interested in answering this question then in having him check back in. Unexpectedly, Jordan discovers that this desire takes her from San Francisco to Nepal.

Author Holly Robinson is especially gifted in writing locales. I haven’t visited San Francisco or Nepal—and now I want to.

Favourite quote…
‘If we examine the objects that we desire, we inevitably find out there’s nothing to become attached to… You can only reach Nirvana, the end of this cycle of wanting and being disappointed, through the cessation of such craving.’ (p. 226)

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Please attend…

Getting Away with Murder—or How to Make a Living as a Crime Writer
Presented by the Crime Writers of Canada
Saturday, May 5th
9:30 AM to 3:15 PM
Greater Victoria Public Library
735 Broughton, Victoria, BC

There are four hour-long workshops
Character Building From the Ground up
How to Avoid Plotting Problems
How to Sustain a Series
And an interactive workshop on how to improve your author reading

You have an opportunity to receive Blue Pencil feedback from two published authors
(Blue Pencil feedback is gentle critiquing)

Seven authors are involved and interested in giving you the benefit of their knowledge and experiences.

More about the Interactive Workshop
This workshop begins with a panel discussion on what makes a great reading. Following this discussion, a volunteer presents a three-minute reading. Then the group gives the reader a Toastmasters-style evaluation of how to improve their public reading skills.

This event is FREE

See you Saturday

If you can’t make it, don’t worry. I will give you a review. However, I must stress there is nothing like being there and participating. It’s validating, inspiring and fun.

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