Sunday, May 27, 2012

A study in lilac

It's so much fun to re-read old posts (articles) and realize that not much has actually changed--substitute writing for knitting and understand that my deadlines are now mostly self-imposed, and press update. (grin) Although, I'm pleased to report that there are a lot fewer tears.

You:  So how's the knitting coming, Leanne. Are you finished all the knitting you're doing for the ArtCraft gallery?
Me:  (silently sobbing) Fine. Just fine. No really I'll be okay. Please let's think about something else...

Me:  I promise I'll give you an update next Monday when I should be reaching completion. Oh, please, let it be over soon.
No, really, I'm fine. : )
Oh, yes, and I got this really nice note arrived in my email inbox...
I finished your book (The Sweater Curse) today and enjoyed the narrative nature of the first person presentation as well as the references to Icelandic terms and sayings.The story took a few unexpected turns and twists as it unwound.


Next post (Thursday, May 31):  My writing retreat


laurie buchanan said...

Gorgeous photographs!

Author Leanne Dyck said...

: ) Thank you, Laurie. I capture them all one sunny day on beautiful Mayne Island.

Anne @ Zen and Genki said...

Lovely photographs, Leanne! Laurie Buchanan just referred me to your site (I like to knit and do my fair share of yoga :)) Am so pleased to "meet" you. Am going to take a gander around.... :)Love it here so far!

Author Leanne Dyck said...

I'm delighted you found me, Anne. And thrilled that you enjoyed my blog. Thank you for your kind comment. And it was a pleasure meeting you.