Sunday, May 27, 2012

A study in lilac

It's so much fun to re-read old posts (articles) and realize that not much has actually changed--substitute writing for knitting and understand that my deadlines are now mostly self-imposed, and press update. (grin) Although, I'm pleased to report that there are a lot fewer tears.

You:  So how's the knitting coming, Leanne. Are you finished all the knitting you're doing for the ArtCraft gallery?
Me:  (silently sobbing) Fine. Just fine. No really I'll be okay. Please let's think about something else...

Me:  I promise I'll give you an update next Monday when I should be reaching completion. Oh, please, let it be over soon.
No, really, I'm fine. : )
Oh, yes, and I got this really nice note arrived in my email inbox...
I finished your book (The Sweater Curse) today and enjoyed the narrative nature of the first person presentation as well as the references to Icelandic terms and sayings.The story took a few unexpected turns and twists as it unwound.


Next post (Thursday, May 31):  My writing retreat