Thursday, May 31, 2012

My writing retreat by Leanne Dyck

 One of my dreams—which I now realize (thanks to Joanna Penn) is a goal—is to establish a writer’s retreat on beautiful Mayne Island. I plan to offer your writer’s dream—an isolate cottage in which to work, a comfortable bed in which to sleep and a supportive community in which to promote your work.

Yes, its true Mayne Islanders enjoy and want more author readings. This I learned after reading the 2012 Mayne Island Library survey. Of the 25% islanders who responded 61.3% reported that they wanted the library to offer author readings.

My writer’s retreat is a beautiful goal I’m working towards. But  until it becomes reality I will continue to practice.

Each summer, it’s my habit to take a hiatus from my volunteer, social and physical pursuits to devote my days to my true passion—my hus…um, er…my writing.

After breakfast, with notebook in tow, I head out to the backyard. There, content, I write.

It’s an exciting journey of discovery that I’m looking forward to embarking on once again. And I’d like you to come along. In fact, I need you to join me.

Every Thursday, on this blog, I will report my word count. Being accountable to you will keep me focused on my goal. With your help I was able to complete A Long Way From Her. I hope you will help me again, this time with The Sweater Curse—a novel. We set out on this journey on Thursday, June 7th. Will you accompany me?
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