Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Book review: Encore Edie by Annabel Lyon

In Encore Edie Annabel Lyons explores how the “able” view the “disabled”. Main character, Edie Snow struggles between feeling pity for her cousin Merry and being embarrassed by her.

In the end, pity outweighs embarrassment and Edie elects to spend two weeks with Merry rather than go on a family vacation.

I thoroughly enjoyed Encore Edie. The discussion Annabel Lyon has begun is an important one. She has been generous in her frank and honest portrayal of Edie Snow. I saw Edie as a three-dimensional teenager with flaws, attributes, and questions. To further the discussion and to answer some of these questions, I write...

Dear Edie,
It’s natural to judge another’s happiness by peering through the magnifying glass of our reality. Yet, I would caution against doing so. I don’t need your pity and neither does your cousin. Yes, we were born, have lived and will die disabled. However, we are capable of joy. We can have a good life. In fact, we are. Thank you for your concern and know that you are part of this good life. Now loosen up and have a little more fun.