Thursday, March 15, 2012

Power Outage

The flue bug bit me on Sunday. I was drained, my body ached, my vision blurred and my throat felt like it was full of rusty nails.

“Go to bed!” I’m sure you would have said. And I heard you.

I fought through my desire to write and made my way to my queen-size nest. Still the desire remained and so I kept flicking on the light to capture my muse’s ramblings. Wow, the wind’s kinda scary. It’s like…it’s like…ocean waves or… I nodded off, but my muse screamed in my ear. Like a bullwhip, with each lash the wind threatens to break our fragile link with the world. Wanting to capture these words, I flicked on the light. Or rather I tried to. The link had been broken.

I have a sore throat and there is a windstorm—is there a connection?

The next day was full of reading, writing, knitting and eating sandwiches. My husband and I spent the day together free of artificial lighting and Internet disturbances. It was like taking a holiday in our own home. Although, I must admit I did miss you and my oven.

Around 5 o’clock, the weather began to settle and it eased my worries. We will overcome. But had we? Laying my head on my pillow, the wind sang me a lullaby…or was it a nightmare. “I’m still here. I haven’t left.” And I began to worry, what if the storm isn’t over? What if the wind never leaves?

Tuesday, I woke to soothing words, “the power is on.” My husband smiled, kissed me and left to catch the ferry. The power is on…hot water, clean dishes, a shower, clean clothes, radio, Internet, TV. It was a good day until around 10 AM, when once again the link was broken. There was no wind and so I wondered… Am I living a nightmare? A woman alone on an island is driven crazy by the lack of power? Can you drive someone crazy by turning her power on and off? Was someone trying to drive me crazy? Did someone hate me this much?

Thankfully, I wasn’t driven crazy; the power is back on. And, I’m resolved to be better prepared next time--which could be today.

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