Monday, September 26, 2011

Design dilemma--sleeves

I'm currently knitting myself a cardigan. The front and back are done. I thought I had finished one sleeve--enter the dilemma. After working nine inches of seed stitch I began shaping. For the sane of simplicity, I planned to decrease at the beginning and end of every second row. The result...

 a twelve inch long sleeve.
I decided this was two short. A longer sleeve was my goal.
Questions:  How will I accomplish this goal? How will I ensure that the shaping is properly placed?
Enter this helpful device...
 a row counter. As I complete row after row, I keep a record of my progress my roll to dial to the corresponding number.
I have the solution. Now I can rip out my mistake.
Happy knitting
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Anonymous said...

Leanne - I wouldn't know a knitting mistake if it bit me in the ankle. But I DO know what colors I like and the "paprika red" that you've chosen is fantastic!

Author Leanne Dyck said...

: ) Thank you, Laurie. Yes, the yarn leapt off the shelf and into my arms.