Wednesday, July 20, 2011

#book-clubs' Discussion Questions

In the print version of The Sweater Curse I was able to add a few features such as an additional hand knitting pattern (Islandia), a glossary of Icelandic words and a series of discussion questions. These questions are ideal to use by a individual reader or by a book club.
Here they are...

1)Who, in this story, would you label a villain? Why? Do they have redeeming qualities? What are they?
2)Who, in this story, would you label a hero/heroine? Why? Do they have flaws? What are they?
3)Why do you think Hannah allowed Oli to teach Gwen to knit?
4) Is Gwen justified in blaming Hannah for Kris' death? If not, who is to blame? Who/what could have saved his life?
5) In what ways does Gwen reveal her hatred for her mother? Who/what is to blame for Gwen's failed relationship with her mother?
6)Why do you think there are no pictures of Gwen or Kris in Hannah's office or house? Do you believe that Hannah grieved the deaths of her spouse and daughter? Why do you think Hannah attended Gwen's funeral?
7) What do you think Gwen's life would have been like if she'd continued to live on the farm?
8) Why do you think Jaron is self-confident?
9) Why do you think Jaron was interested in viewing Gwen's designs?
10) Is Gwen and Jaron's relationship a positive one? If not, who is to blame for the flaws? What, in your opinion, could have been done to strengthen this relationship?
11) Do you believe Heather Newsfeld stole Gwen's design? If so, what action--if any--should be taken and by whom?
12) Knitting brings Gwen comfort and inspires her to create. Yet, Hannah tells her, "Crafts are for the common folk. Art is far more worthy of your time and energies." Explore your own bias and believes concerning art and craft.

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